My 2019 New Year's Resolution

Each year during the last month,  I write my New Year's Resolution goals for the upcoming year. Very often, I don't even finish my list, but setting up your goals is a must-do. For 2019, I'm planning:

1. Explore new countries. It will be easier for me since we moved to Europe. There are plenty of ways to travel across Europe, discovering new cities and places.
2. Rebuild my business goals. I'm still not sure if I should continue my blogging career, since I feel like competition is high, and this year, I didn't really make anything in Germany.  So, I need to find new ways to monetize my social media presence. 
3. Pick up a new hobby. Photography and blogging have been my hobby for the past 5 years. I truly enjoy it, but I want to learn something new.
4. Meet more people. I never feel lonely, because I always have old and new friends in my life. That being said, I feel I need to connect more with people who have different life hobbies. A few days ago, I was just walking and thinking that I want to talk about other things with other people besides shopping and Instagram.
5. Read more books. Last year, I was planning to read more books. I actually was able to read only a few ebooks that my husband shared with me, which weren't enough to hit my goal. Let's try again in 2019!
6. Exercise more. I have been pretty good this year, doing more walks, picking up some yoga, but by the end of the year, I got so busy that barely exercised. Now I'm having really bad back pain again. Let's be more active in 2019.
7.  Go sugarless. I have a terrible habit - I love sweets. It has been really bad for me. I need to cut my sugar intake, because I feel like I don't know where to stop.
8. Eat healthier. When we lived in California, we tried to eat a lot of fresh veggies and fruits, but since we moved to Europe, I feel like I have been having a hard time with pasta and breads. Don't take it wrong, everything is so delicious here. It's impossible to just say, "No"!
9. Stop buying what I don't need. This one is the hardest, but this year, I did a lot of vintage shopping and took advantage of European sales. I need to learn to only buy things I truly need or are truly a good deal.
10. Learn a new language. I have been promising myself that I will pick up a new language, but so far, I have been super lazy. I want to learn Spanish or French. What about you?

 Coat | Similar Topshop Sweater | French Connection Pants | Reiss 
Eyewear | Topshop Scarf | Similar  Purse | Zac Posen

Photos by Andreea Birsan