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I know you might be bored of reading Holiday Gift Guided Posts, but believe me, when it comes to the Christmas season, we are always in panic for what to give to our loved ones. Every year, I brainstorm what to give to my husband for Christmas, and every year, it comes down to crunch time.  I always ask him what he really wants, but his answer is invariably, "I don't know, babe! Pick yourself." Thanks, hubby, you just made my life more complicated. Haha...

Anyway, since I spent hours and hours looking for inspiration for what my husband would really like, I thought that it would be great to share my Holiday Gift Ideas for Him with you:


Dash Camera. It might sound lame, but I think it is a both a gadget a lot of guys don't have, and you can consider it an investment in your safety and security. You never know what this camera will catch.

Canary Camera. You might think I'm paranoid with all of these cameras, but I can personally vouch that this is a good gift. I have owned a Canary Camera for over 3 years now. Every time we leave our house to travel, I feel that our house safe, because I can always check to see if everything looks alright. One time, some maintenance guys entered our apartment without telling us - and it was all caught on camera in real time. We were able to get a hold of the management and clear things up right away.

Dinner for Two:

This is good if you are not into cooking, and your boyfriend or husband wants to eat something amazing. Whether it's a classic steakhouse, sports bar, or other place your other half would enjoy, both of you win with this gift. I usually look for dinner places on Groupon because sometimes you can find pretty good deals.

Game Night:

If your husband/ boyfriend/ father is very active and looking for something fun, book him a room to play paintball, air diving (not sky diving), or indoor rock climbing.

Movie Date: 

If your guy is into movies, I definitely advise you to reserve a movie night for you two. Get a huge popcorn box and some drinks. There are few cinema theaters where you can order food and beer while enjoying the cinema experience. We have done it before and it was fantastic!

Things to Wear:

Normally, I don't buy clothes for my husband, because we find it's better to go together to the store and pick something. However, small accessories like socks, a cashmere scarf or leather driving gloves could be a good gift.

Life Saving Items: 

The Tile tracker is one of the best gift that you should get for your loved ones. My husband always loses his car keys or wallet. I have been a big fan of Tile trackers. They have saved my life so many times after I kept losing my phone or keys.  The only one thing that I hate about Tile is that you have to replace them every year. But I recently found out that they offer one with replaceable batteries. Yay!

Since we travel a lot by car, and are very often renting car, I realized that we really need a car phone holder, especially when you don't have GPS built into the car and need something to help prop up your Google Map App.

A trip to Dublin or Munich:

If your husband/ boyfriend loves traveling, the best gift what you could offer is a trip to Dublin during St. Patrick's festival or Munich during Octoberfest. You can use my referral link to get $28 towards your first stay with Airbnb and I will get $17 travel credit (Click here). And if you would like to get $20 OFF at your next stay with, click here for referral link, and I will get $20 credit too. 

I hope you have already picked some gifts for your other family members and this post will give you some ideas on what you can give your other half. But if you are still looking for Holiday Gift Ideas for Her, Shopbop launched a Shopbop Boutique on Amazon, and if you are a prime member, it will make your shopping experience even better. Check out the Shop by Shopbop by clicking this link>>> here.

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