Where to stay in Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi is one of my favorite cities that I definitely would love to return. If you have never heard of the country Georgia, it's time to explore other beautiful places besides tourist-favorites France and Italy. If you love a hipster atmosphere, Tbilisi is a great place to find your soulmates. If you love cheese and wine, Georgia is famous for its delicious variety of fresh cheese and incredible wine choices. Before you start exploring this magical country, everyone must stay in the capital, Tbilisi. I wrote several blog posts that were dedicated to Tbilisi (Read about: What to do in Tbilisi (part I and part II)Where to Eat in Tbilisi (link here); The Most Instagrammable Cafe in Tbilisi (link here)).

Since I got to live in Tbilisi, I really don't need to look for hotels, hostels or Airbnbs. But hearing from all of our friends who got to stay in Tbilisi, I really wanted to enjoy the rented flats and hotel rooms, so we made a decision to stay somewhere before we left this amazing city.  We found an Airbnb loft apartment and absolutely loved it. This post wasn't sponsored, but I thought that I should share my experience, since we were so impressed with our stay.

I found this loft quite fast, because we were looking to stay somewhere in the old town or in the center. After looking at the pictures of furniture, we instantly liked the interior. I contacted the owner and they replied to me very quickly. They had good reviews. As soon as we arrived, it was easy to enter the house, and communicate with the owner. Upon entering, we were blown away by the modern interior. The prices in the city center are actually not so bad. We paid only $55 per night for  a fully furnished apartment that was perfect for 2 families or a family with 1-2 children. I have stayed with many Airbnb properties, but I think this one was my favorite. To book this Airbnb loft, go and register at the Airbnb website in case you are not registered yet. Here is the link to Blue Loft Tbilisi

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