Why I like living abroad

Living abroad can be exciting or very exhausting. Considering that I move to a new home almost every year, living overseas is a normal part of my life. We just recently moved to another new country, well relatively new, because I lived already here once. Anyway, why do I like living abroad?! There are a few aspects for why I am still not tired of moving to new countries:

- I love looking for a new house, even if it can be super exhausting to hunt for a new place to live.  That being said, it can be exciting to style it. This time, we found a bright spacious house that I was absolutely happy to decorate. It is still in the process, but I will definitely share later how it looks.

- Learning a new culture and discovering a new home town. This is probably the best part of the moving experience for me. 

- Trying new cuisine. Many people think that I barely eat, but it is not true, I love food and trying something new is always exciting. Living in Korea made me love spicy food. While living in Europe, I learned how to cook pasta like the Italians. Tbilisi introduced me to wine. Living in USA taught me to love burgers and seafood. 

- New Friends. You wouldn't believe me, but I have so many friends around the world. And it is truly the best part of moving to new places because you are able to make new friends.

How many times have you moved to a new country? What country would you like to live in?

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