My Paris Fashion Week Outfits

Hey, guys! It is been a crazy week for me, because I left to Paris for Fashion Week and you have no idea how busy I was running from show to show. Many people think that Fashion Week is fun. Well, it is fun, because you get to see your old friends and also meet new people in the Fashion Industry.  You can even build good relationships with agencies or designers. The bad part is that you have to run around the city like a crazy person in order to see all of the shows that you got invited, leaving no time to eat any breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

This time, I got to see my friend Karen from Australia, whom I met randomly at my first New York Fashion Week. We try to see each other whenever she goes to Fashion Week season. I got to meet Virna (a blogger / photographer) from Italy. I've known her through social media for quite some time and it was so cool to meet her personally, because she is a total sweetheart!

Last Paris Fashion Week season, I shared a room with my blogger friend Miki. We got to enjoy Paris again together ;). Also, my old friend Lavar, that contributes his work for our magazine DISPURS came along to Paris. On Saturday, my friend Teni (Photographer from UK) that I met back in Seoul, also joined our crew. I linked up with my designer friend Elena from Ukraine. Check out her collection Elena Rudenko that sells in New York.

Since, I am finally home, and I can share all my outfits that I wore during Fashion Week season. On my first night, I decided to go more classic and elegant. I chose to wear a beautiful dress with animal print (find similar here) and a well-made blazer from Mango that I got on sale.

On my second night, I choose to wear something more casual, because I got tired from walking all day on heels. I am wearing my new favorite sneakers that I bought from Zappos with my Frankie Shop dress along with a cool belt that I found in Germany. Instead of a warm jacket, I decided to wear a long Asos cardigan (find similar cardigans at Shopbop).

On the third day, I decided to wear something elegant again, with mix of prints. I am wearing my polka dotka pants along with houndstooth Anine Bing blazer (find something similar here), and my favorite wood & knit bag from Georgian Designer Woyoyo.

My favorite outfit showcased pastel colors. I was wearing a Elena Rudenko top with a maxi skirt that I styled with my sky blue sweater that I bought at Mango. Find similar sweaters at Shopbop.

Photography by Lavar Plummer

Check out this Maria Lucia Hohan

Check out this Milly Dress 
Photography by Lavar Plummer
Photography by Virna Gambini 
Photography by Lavar Plummer

Check out this Natasha Zinko Blazer

Photography by Virna occasionally receives Shopbop sponsorships for mentioning their products and services.