The most instagrammable cafe in Tbilisi, Georgia

I can't believe that summer has flown by so quickly. I truly had an amazing summer this year. We got to enjoy our last days in warm Tbilisi, had a nice belated honeymoon in Seychelles, flew to our new home country, visited my family in Kazakhstan, and even did a short trip to England.  Sounds like we had quite a busy summer this year. Don't you agree?!

I still have so much material from my previous trips and have been dying to share with you one of my secret places to shoot my outfits. Garden Shevarnadze in Tbilisi is one of the coolest places I found in the city. You will need to pay a small fee to enter, but you can absolutely spend the entire day out there shooting and taking breaks at their Little Cafe. On some days, it can be overcrowded, but sometimes you barely see anyone. I actually love that it located quite far from the center of the city, since it's not overrun with visitors. 

I have been there several times, and every time I adored the atmosphere and colorful green house. They serve delicious tea and other drinks. It might be a bit pricer than what you can find in the city (as in, a dollar or two more) but it's completely worth a visit. Don't forget to bring an extra outfit. 

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