Reasons to Travel while Young

Traveling has become a part of my life. Since I was a small child, I was eager to see the world and learn new things about it firsthand. My father was the first person who sparked my interest by taking me on my first road trip. To be honest, I barely remember where we went, but I have a warm memories of my dad's mack truck. It was the place we slept, our shelter from the elements, and dining room. I found it to be so fun to jump out at rest stops, checking out street food stalls and the other characters you meet on the open road. Later in my life, I always told my parents that I would leave Kazakhstan and live in Germany. Well, my dream came true! My first trip overseas was to Germany. I left my family for a year-long journey. Living in Europe taught me to not be scared and see the world with open eyes and ears. Today, I've travelled to about 40 countries and lived in 5 on three continents.

Based on my experience and perspective, I've come up with a nine reasons why you should travel while still young:

- Traveling can teach you many things: how to save money; how to be smart at packing your bag; how to move around efficiently.

-Traveling makes you happy. You can't imagine how exciting it is to be in a new place. You see new faces, experience new smells, and learn to appreciate nature or architecture in all of its forms.

-Traveling introduces you to new people, new languages, and new ways to live life. While living in Kazakhstan, I never knew that I would eventually have friends all over the world in places like South Korea, Germany, Romania, USA, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Belgium, UK, Georgia, etc.

-Traveling opens your mind to cultural practices. I learned so much while traveling. For example, if you ever come to South Korea, make sure to use both of your hands when giving or receiving anything. This applies to using your credit card at the store or also.

-Traveling can help unlock hidden talents and passions. I found out that I am interested in fashion, which kick started my blogging career.

-Traveling teaches you to trust people. This is why I have so many awesome international friends!

-Traveling can help you with creativity. You can't imagine how many ideas I got while traveling, I always feel inspired after our trips and want to create even more.

-Traveling can help you to meditate and find peace. If you have something going on in your life, I definitely advise you to take a trip somewhere. It doesn't need to be far, but a trip will give your brain a rest and help clear your mind.

-Traveling teaches you to be tolerant and patient. Staying in long line for tickets, delayed flights or even loud people, can teach you to be more patient and tolerant of other cultures. I learned to not pay attention when people stare at me when we travel.

-Traveling is a good source of energy and great work out. Every time we travel, we end up walking over 20,000 steps a day. I never could imagine walking 10 miles a day while home. I barely notice it when exploring.

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