How to find picturesque spots for your blog or instagram

If you are a fashion or insta blogger, you probably know what it feels like when you can't find the perfect spot to shoot your outfit in your town.  I actually never had problems with the background, only trouble with outfits. Here are some tips for how to find a good spot to shoot your outfit.

- Look around in your house. If you have a white wall, you can add a wooden stylish stool, along with some plants and decorations, making a great spot for editorial or minimalistic photoshoots.
- If you don't have a good place to shoot at your house, you can always look around your neighborhood and find cool art wall or painted houses.  Try to find beauty in backgrounds that may otherwise seem normal.
- If you already took pictures with the suggestions that I offered earlier, find a good restaurant or cafe. If you follow big bloggers, you will notice that many take pictures while enjoying their meal.
- Another option is to shoot your outfit by going to public parks, a botanical garden or somewhere out of the city.  Nature often offers fantastic settings to compliment almost any outfit.

As you can see, I picked a simple background for this photoshoot and the pictures turned out very well. I am wearing a lilac oversized blazer (check out a similar one here from Shopbop) with plaid pants (similar here  or check high waisted one here). As for shoes, I wear my favorite sneakers from a Korean brand that is sadly sold out. occasionally receives Shopbop sponsorships for mentioning their products and services.