Customizing Your Clothes with Sumissura

While I am writing this blog post, there is a crazy storm outside. Strong wind is continuously knocking on our windows. Blankets of rain are coming down. Thunder is bellowing overhead. Sadly, the summer is gone, and we have to switch our outfits for the fall season. Despite of the wet morning, I went out and took pictures with my husband to show you my new customized fall/winter coat that I ordered a few weeks ago via Sumissura.

Sumissura is an awesome website that helps you create/design your own clothes with a loving personal touch. When I found their website, I was a bit sceptic for designing my own coat, because I prefer trying on my customized item before finalizing the finished product. But surprisingly, it was super easy to follow every single step. All you have to do is measure yourself and let your imagination take over. You can customize everything from small accessories to a professional suit.

When you go to their official page, first choose which item you would like to tailor. My choice was a Sumissura winter coat! Then, you will have to pick your style. After picking every single detail for your style, you can choose the fabric. As you can see, I went for wool. My favorite part was the monogram on my coat with my initials, adding a nice accent to the final product.

As soon as my product was delivered, I tried it on, and instantly loved it. Also, if you customize your product via Sumissura, and your product needs an alteration, Sumissura is flexible in this regard. You can get a 25% tailoring reimbursement from them if you have to take it to your local tailor, or Sumissura will totally remake your order if the situation is truly bleak (find out more here).

As for the outfit, I selected my green turtleneck that I bought during my recent trip in Bonn, and styled it with my pleated skirt and a silk vintage scarf to add nice touch to my Sumissura coat. Don't you agree it's a lovely combination?