2-Day Albania Itinerary

Albania is one of the countries that should be on your list if you are looking for a budget friendly trip in Southern Europe this summer. It is not only super cheap, but also safe, modern and beautiful. And if you think there is nothing worth seeing, so sorry, but you are absolutely incorrect. Albania not only boasts beautiful beaches, but also quaint towns with cool architecture and fantastic nature hikes in the mountains.

When we were traveling through the Balkans, I got only to see two cities in Albania. However, it was enough to entice me to start planning for a seaside adventure for next time. Our trip included the capital city – Tirana, and the country's second largest city of Durres. Many locals mentioned that we should be going south to visit Vlora or Palase beaches. Well, I will definitely share with you once we get back there.

What can you do in Tirana:

Tirana was surprisingly beautiful, featuring a mix of old and new architecture. There are a few things that you must visit. Skanderbeg Square is the historical center point of the city, where all citizens and tourists gather. It's a natural place where you can start your city tour. There you can also visit the National History Museum and take a look at Et'hem Bey Mosque. Sadly, we didn't get our chance to see it from inside, because it was under restoration.  Don't miss your chance to climb up on Clock Tower. The entrance fee wasn't expensive, and it was worth checking out the best viewing platform of the city. Also, in this neighborhood, you should definitely stop at BunkArt2 museum. This museum is really unique and built inside of a communist-era nuclear pit bunker. Right next to the bunker entrance is a stunning red building that's great for taking Instragram pics. If you want to see more cool buildings in Tirana, make sure to find the Rainbow Building at Wilson Square. The other cool thing you can do in Tirana is to visit the farmer's market, "Markata E Peshkut." Lastly, if you want to try delicious seafood, I would advise you to stop at Pireu Fish restaurant. It's one of those places where you can't go wrong with any pick off the menu. After seeing enough of Tirana, we went to Durres.


Et'hem Bey Mosque

View from Clock Tower on Skanderbeg Square

 Skanderbeg Square

Farmer's Market

Rainbow Building

Periu Fish Restaurant

What you can do in Durres:

The cheapest way to get from one town to another is taking a local bus. The buses go quite frequently and don't cost so much. The distance from Tirana to Durres takes only 30 minutes to drive. If you have enough money, you can actually take a cab. Sadly, in Albania, services like Yandex taxi, Taxify or Uber don't work. You will need to contact local companies. Anyway, if you get to Durres like us, make sure to see the 2d century Roman Amphitheater that was quite amazing. If the weather is quite hot, make sure to get cocktail drinks in at Durres Castle. Of course, many tourists come here for Durres Beach. These Beach stretch more than 10 km, where you will find many cafes and restaurants to enjoy your day. And as for the history lovers out there, you can visit the Byzantine Forum. It was quite hard to find, because the Corinthian columns are hidden in the neighborhood. It seems like local people don't take care of it. And don't forget, Albania is a muslim country. You will see mosques in the middle of the city. For this reason, you should visit Durres Mosque too. The atmosphere is super laid back and people don't mind if you pop in for a look.

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Roman Amphitheater

Durres Center

Durres Mosque

Byzantine Forum

Durres Castle

Durres Beach