Why I Will Never be a Famous Blogger

If you are reading this post, you may have asked yourself the same question. Why is my blog is not famous yet? What am I doing wrong? How do I get popular on Instagram?

Well, I am going to explain why I will never be a famous blogger. While cleaning the floor at my apartment, it just came to my head, and I thought that I should stop cleaning and instead write this post. Haha, sorry husband, I am not going to clean today! Just because I need to write something that came to me suddenly. Isn't this why we started a blog in the first place?! Wanting to share thoughts and ideas led us down this path.

After blogging for almost 5 years, my blog has gone through good and bad times. For a few years, blogging was exploding. It motivated me to create one too. Living in South Korea and then in the U.S. helped me to learn the market and gain readership. While I was building my own name, blogging continued to gain popularity, with many new bloggers joining the community. Some kept going as a hobby, while others like me pursued blogging as a means to earn income.

Over the last 2 years, I feel like Instagram has stolen all people's attention and big companies have started to invest tons of money into bloggers to promote their products. Some of these initiatives were successful, some failed. Anyway, I don't want to explain too much, because exploring these ideas could fill up a whole book. Plus, I think that would be too much for my busy editor, who is also my husband.

So, here are my brainstorming thoughts for why I will never be famous blogger:

1. I don't go to popular events that sometimes help your exposure and allow you to meet some important people. As for the United States, these events are held in LA or NYC mostly. So, if you don't live in these two major cities, you can forget about building relationships with agencies or even big bloggers face to face.

2. I don't show my body enough. I don't want to offend anyone, but it feels like most of the bloggers who blow up usually show off a lot of their bodies. Sex sells, right? First, I don't have big upper or bottom parts to show, and second, I am a classy-style woman. I prefer authentic style than showing parts of my body.

3. I don't live in big cities. I always noticed when I share my pictures from bigger cities, they get more views and I gain new followers. It might not be true, but who knows. It's just been my observation.

4. I don't have a unique talent. I don't dance, sing, or draw. All I know is how to take pictures. I guess this knowledge is not enough nowadays, because everyone is creative and knows how to use a camera. Forget about the perfectly staged creative photos though. That's beyond me!

5. I don't buy followers and page views. I don't know if you remember, but Song of Style mentioned that she used to buy followers in order to get popular. Well, it looks like I'm stuck in this area!

6. I don't wear expensive brands. This one might be a myth, but I think many popular bloggers wear glitzy trendy purses. Unfortunately for my wardrobe, I prefer spending my money on traveling rather than on Dior or Celine purses.

But you know what?  It's all good!  I've been traveling the world.  I have an awesome hubby who loves me.  My family is happy and healthy.  And blogging is still fun for sharing with all of you!  Thank you for reading!!