Why I can't keep up with Instagram changes

Hey, guys! You probably already heard about or are enjoying the newest trend of IGTV. It seems Instagram decided to completely take over the internet and all areas of social media. 

First, they created a wonderful platform where we shared what we love. Later, they created insta stories, stealing the idea from Snapchat by featuring cute filters and functions for sharing your real life. After a few months, they successfully launched live streaming, which many bloggers use. Now, it's this: IGTV. 

After updating my phone, I started to see more videos. Wait, I already don't have time to see all insta stories of the 1,000 people I follow! How the heck are my 60K followers going to see my single video if I barely see videos of other bloggers?! I still decided to test it and loaded a few videos. And you know what, barely 200 people saw it. I guess, either not so many users know how to use it, or Instagram is going through another period of disruption. 

I am not sure if I truly like all the changes that Instagram brings us, but having everything in one app is actually cool. The only thing that scares me is what if Instagram disappears, and all of our hard work will be flushed down the toilet. Is it bad to be so reliant on one app? What do you think?

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