Where do I Shop and Why?

Online shopping is one of my favorite things to do. I used to shop at stores, but lately I find it so boring and even stressful. When I shop at stores, I have a hard time finding my size or I want things in a different color, or somebody already damaged something I really liked. Anyway, since I have been shopping online for a quite some time, I know what to do and know my size quirks. I like that your clothes are delivered to you and you can always return whatever you don't like. Very often, I don't need to return anything, because I buy only what I really like or need. 

So this post will be about sharing online stores that I would like you to check out, this post is not sponsored at all:

Mango for cute tees, dresses;
Asos for cute accessories;
Stylenanda for you if you love Korean fashion; 
NY&Company for classic pieces;
Boohoo for budget-friendly shopping;
Sephora for good skin care products;
Storets for unique design.

In this post, I am wearing a striped red sweater along with denim pinafore that is quite comfortable (find something similar at GAP). Since my sister loved it too, I gave it to her. These pictures were taken back in Spring (sorry for late posting!). This red coat I got from Zara and I hope that I can wear it more during the Fall season. For accessories, I picked my Woyoyo designer bag. If you remember, when you buy their bags, they will plant a new tree and name it after you.