My monthly shopping wish list

Hey, guys! Since, I have been writing so many travel tips, I decided to come with idea and share with you my monthly shopping wish list. To be honest, it feels like forever since I last time explored some shopping malls. But we finally settled down, got our home address and time for happy shopping.

I am daily searching on internet and trying to find something I would like to buy or try for myself. Maybe, if you would like something and you will purchase it too. Since I am using some affiliated links in order to make some commissions out of sale, I would like to thank you if you decided to bought something through the link I gave. 

Summer is a great time for hats. I am lately big fan of denim baker boy hats and of course, I would like to get more of fedora or boater hats. First, they look amazing and second, they protect you hair from sun damage. Here are few that I actually liked:

Also, lately I got obsessed with polka dots. And have been hunting to find more polka dot printed items. Check out this one:

Before, we left to Seychelles, I got to shop at Stradivarius and as soon I saw their denim jackets. I decided that should order more of denim jackets and found this few that I am considering to buy: