4 Ways to stop worrying about Social Media Counts

Hey, guys! How have you been? Today's blog post is about how dirty and toxic the Instagram game has turned, and what to do if you are depressed or uninspired.

Last year, when everyone was placing attention on their Instagram following as being most important, I started to have struggles, and trying to grow my followers made my life miserable. Sound familiar? I was glued to my cell phone 24 hours. Competition between bloggers went to a weird and uncomfortable level.

Instagram used to be a creative platform for people to learn or express who they are. It's turned into a dirty blogger race. The authenticity is slowly disappearing. Reaching high numbers creates a big hunger for money, ultimately turning us into zombies, who advertise skinny tea or to become part of the skinny coffee club (sorry, I don't blame you if you did advertise for them). Personally, I even tried this "skinny" tea. It caught my attention while seeing how other bloggers promoted it by saying it's healthy, or that it helps to lose some weight, even though no one shared how unpleasant it can be. Oh man, I don't even want to think how many hours I spent in my bathroom, cursing all the bloggers who said it tasted good! LOL.

My point is, Facebook knew Instagram was a gold mine of untapped revenue, and encouraged the growth of our industry to the point it was undermining the original qualities that made it both fun and profitable. FB's headquarters started to brainstorm over what they could do to make companies pay them money for advertising instead of influencers. They made Instagram even more complicated, and people started to get depressed. I know a few bloggers who even gave up because the race for followers made them feel unhealthy.

What to do if you feel uninspired or depressed:

1. Travel and Discover

I, along with my husband, packed our bags and decided to travel across the country. While seeing a series of beautiful cities, I noticed that I stopped using my cell phone. My Instagram problem became the least of my worries. Plus, traveling can create a lot of content for your blog and social media.

2. Get Social

Since I just moved to a new country, making new friends can be hard. But Instagram lets people meet in real life. While living here for almost 2 months, I made a few friends with whom I hang out every week. Life has been better. I have more free time to do what I want to do while not worrying about Instagram problems.

3. Control Yourself

There are some apps that can help you see how often you use your phone, and maybe it will help you stop staring at your phone. I have been using "Moment -Screen  Time Tracker".

4. Care about what matters most

For me: Relationships, Friendships, Health

Instagram was compromising my sleep, because I was glued to my phone. I paid less attention to my husband, while playing on my phone and trying to decide what to publish. I talked less with my friends because I thought that I had something more important and my eyesight got worse after staying on my phone at night.

I hope these few tips will help you not worry about Social Media Counts, and we are all able find more time to stay healthier and happier!