What to do in Warsaw in 3 days

I love traveling, walking along historical streets, taking pictures, and talking to random people, but editing photos and thinking about what should I write?! Haha, you know I'm not a native English speaker! Anyway, I'm going to attempt to tell you how to see Warsaw in three days.

Day 1:

I took an early flight, which turned into very long day, because I didn't want to waste time getting over jet lag. I hate sleeping on the plane, especially if the plane keeps shaking the whole flight. I think this is the stuff of nightmares! I flew for the first time with LOT Polish Airlines. Our flight was delayed due to a system shutdown in Tbilisi, making the airport into absolute hell. The plane ride itself was characterized by narrow seats, a lack of any entertainment system, and unappetizing snacks. Anyway, as soon we landed, I was so glad to be on the ground. Coming so early makes things harder, because you can't check-in early usually. In order to not waste time, we took a trip to Treblinka (read about our trip to Treblinka here). We spent almost a day there. Closer to the evening, we forced ourselves to walk to the Palace of Culture and Science, located near Central station. The Palace of Culture and Science is probably the one building that you will notice from every corner of Warsaw (oooops, while I was writing this blog post, I almost set my house on fire by burning potatoes that I was planning to eat for late lunch), because of its dominating design and sheer height. It is indeed the highest building in Poland (and a Communist relic). We went there because of the beautiful view from its observation deck.

Interesting facts about the palace: the building is known as the "Stalin" (former murderous dictator of Russia) Palace of Culture & Science; it has over 3,000 rooms; many people hated it because they considered it as a symbol of Soviet domination.

We were staying at the Sheraton Hotel Warsaw. I definitely want to advise you to visit their restaurant "Someplace Else," because of the delicious food. They offer Happy Hour as well.


Palace of Culture and Science 

Sheraton Hotel Room & Restaurant

Day 2:

On our second day, we started from Old Town. We began our day quite late since we wanted to sleep in from the last day. We couldn't explore some museums that you can find in Old Town, but we did enjoy exploring the neighborhood. If you know the history of Poland, you may know that "Old Town" is not that old. During World War II, almost the entire historical center was turned to ashes by Nazi Troops. I truly loved the old town atmosphere though, where you can sit at restaurants and enjoy traditional Polish foods like pirogi. Pirogi reminded me Russian vareniki, just a bit heavier compared to vareniki.

Royal Castle in Old Town

 Bazylika Archikatedralna Church

 Old Town Market Place

The Warsaw Barbican

Field Cathedral of Polish Army

Restaurant by the Warsaw Old Town Market

Don't miss our local performance at night in Old Town

Day 3:

Since I had limited precious time in Warsaw, I didn't want to waste it. We started our tour from visiting the Royal Castle in old town. The ticket price is 30 pln ($8.26). Btw, it is free admission on Sundays ;). If you want to capture the best view of the city, you will need to climb up to the Tower of St. Anne's Church.

Afterward, we took a cab to get to Neon Museum that located in Praha neighborhood. Just be aware, based on our experience with the local taxi cab, NEVER TAKE THEM!!! The guy drove us for 5 minutes and then said that we owe him 150 pln ($41.28). WTH! He totally ripped us off, because coming from airport to our hotel, we paid only 45 pln ($12.39) for a 20 minute ride. To be honest, this A****le ruined our day, because we were not excited anymore to go to Museum, or really find out anything more about Poland. However, as soon as we entered the Neon Museum, we felt better. We liked that they collected Poland post-war period signs.

Since we learned our lesson to not take any taxi cabs, we decided to visit one of the restaurants nearby that had Internet in order to get Uber. You wouldn't believe, but for almost same distance we paid only 14 pl ($3.85). Please, take my advice and never ever take a cab! The place that we randomly stopped had quite delicious food and I loved the interior. The name of restaurant is "Szklarnia."

After a quick, late lunch, we took our Uber to get to Copernicus Science Museum. Sadly, we wasted our time. They weren't selling tickets, due to low capacity, and were only letting people come inside who had booked tickets online. The other lame thing is that only Polish speakers can book tickets online, because the system is only in the Polish language. After standing 1 hour in line, hoping that they would sell tickets. We then decided to instead find the Frederic Chopin museum. Frederic Chopin is a very famous polish composer. When you are in the city, you will find a lot of interactive benches where you can listen to Chopin's music. After this lovely museum, we took a small break for a latte and cappuccino at Tamka 43 restaurant.

I truly hope that you consider a visit to Poland sometime in the future. More travel posts are coming! Stay tuned.

Royal Castle

 Tower of  St. Anne's Church

Soho Factory

Neon Museum


Frederic Chopin Museum

Tamka 43