What to do in Tbilisi (part II)

Hey, guys! I hope you are having a great week and enjoyed reading my previous blog post. I know that lately there are not so many fashion posts, but I feel like I have to share with you about the places I live or travel. It might encourage you to get out from your house and explore the world. But if you are a hermit (like me sometimes), just read my blog because I will bring you with me to really cool places. 

In my previous blog post, I shared what you can you do in Tbilisi. As you know, there are always plenty of thing to do in capital cities. Living here gives me such the unique chance to explore many places and show what one can do when hey visit. Georgia is becoming a highly trendy travel location. It is cheap, safe, and very convenient. Don't forget to read my first part in case you missed it. Here is a link. 

13. Visit or stay at Fabrika Hostel. Fabrika is not just a former Soviet sewing factory. It is a revisioned, fun, urban space for younger people that attracts both locals and foreigners. This place brings together creative, happy people. You don't need to stay here overnight. All you do is just come to hang our in the lobby while drinking a fresh lemonade or munching on yummy pizza. At their courtyard, you will find shops, cafes and even a florist. Personally, I love coming here for the artsy vibe, good music, and light-hearted atmosphere. 

14. Wander through Tbilisi Streets. You never know what you might to find. My favorite spot to wander is Old Town or the Armenian neighborhood. People are super sweet, and might tell the stories of their house, or maybe share some tales of the Soviet Union. It's also not uncommon to be invited inside for tea or coffee.

15. Get dinner at Marjanishvili Square. Some people call it new Tbilisi, due to the beautifully renovated houses. It is really a wonderful neighborhood and offers a lot of amazing restaurants. My favorite spot is Strada cafe. It is actually great place to spend time with your kids, because cars can't drive in this walking district.

16. Buy a paintings or vintage souvenirs at Dry Bridge Market. If you love art and wanted to get something as a gift or are looking for something vintage for your house, Dry Bridge is the way to go. You will find a ton of original artwork and antiques. Soviet clothes, medals, and other paraphernalia are in great abundance here.

17. Visit a magical stained-glass house in Old Tbilisi. It is very easy to miss it when you come to Old Town. Actually, when I saw it the first time, I just took pictures of the house's outside. But later on, I found out that at a certain time of the day, the house turns into magically illuminated place. 

18. Walk through a historical Writer's House. Not sure why, but lately, the Writer's House has been closed. The last time when I was there, they still renovating this gem. But because my Georgian friend knew the owner, we were able to check every single room. Also, this place has a nice cafe inside. In case you don't get to see it from inside, make sure at least to get a coffee while soaking in the atmosphere. 

19. Try traditional Georgian desserts like churchhella or rtveli. Believe me, they taste really good and are made from organic products. They are often sold in brown shades, but I have seen people sell them in green, yellow, red colors. Not sure if they use a natural products to color them.

20. Drive or take a cab to Gardenia Shevardnadze. This garden is quite popular for its interior and the cute cafe that you will find inside. Many people call it, "Alice in Wonderland." A few years ago the entrance was free, but because of the high flow of tourists, they decided to charge a small fee of 2 Lari (less than a dollar).

21. Take a ride on Ferris Wheel in Mtatsminda Park. To be honest, I am not sure of its age or whether it would pass US safety standards, because every time I took it, I prayed to the Ferris Wheel Gods that I would survive these rickety pods climbing to dizzying heights. One ride costs about 5 lari (a little over $2) per person. It is about 262 feet tall and stands at the edge of a mountain (1000 feet high) that overlooks the entire capital.

22. Time for Hookah or Shop for Designer Clothes. If you are a lover of Hookah or need to shop for something unique from Georgian designers, you will find it at Shardeni Street across from Old Town. The twisting and narrow streets are packed full of tantalizing finds that keep you searching for more.