My Guide for Moving to a New Place

You know almost every year, I have to move to new country because of my husband's job. Every time I feel like I didn't learn anything from my previous move. In order to remind myself for how to prepare for our next move, I decided to write a guide for myself and my readers if you are planning to move.

Moving to a new city or new country can be frustrating and stressful, but also fun. I love moving to new, fresh places and redecorating a new "home", but I hate the actual process of finding a new place. Since we don't have so much of furniture, it makes our move a little bit easy.  

How to prepare for your move:
1) Forward your mail to a new address or rent a post box;
2) Let the bank know that you are moving to a new country/city;
3) Separate your valuable things from shipping boxes that you plan to send with moving company;
4) Find as much information as possible about your new place;
5) Label your inventories that you can easily find items when you get them back;
6) Wrap your shoes and glass in order to prevent them from being destroyed by the moving company;
7) Use a mobile inventory app in order to keep track of your things;
8) Recycle what you don't use or regift to people you know. It will make your moving way easier when you have less stuff;
9) Make sure to have a budget for the move. It can be super pricey, depending on distance or location. 

I hope these small tips will help you out. Please let me know if you have other tips that you want to share in the comments section below.