What can you see in Spain in 10 Days?

Hi, guys! As you may recall, in the beginning of the year, we took a small vacation to Spain and Portugal. It was my first visit there, and I truly loved our stay in Spain, despite meeting some rude people along the way. If you are looking for a wonderful place to spend your vacation, I am going to advise you to pick Spain. Why Spain? Well, they have delicious food, stunning architecture, and impressive history! It is the perfect place for insta bloggers and photographers.

Before we went there, I did a lot of research and discovered tips for what to expect. I learned that Spain has a big problem with pickpocketing. Thank goodness that nothing happened to us! I prepared myself with bag locks that secured my camera to my person, and kept watch over my iPhone. I also brought all of my TILE trackers with me, in case something got lost or stolen. I can only imagine the risks of traveling during peak season, as there were huge crowds even during this time of year. Most reviews mentioned that they got robbed in the warmer months when there was a high flow of tourists coming to Europe. My husband even brought with him an extra wallet. He left one in the hotel safe and carried the second in his picket, where he had less than 100 euro, only 2 credit cards, and 1 ID. Since I got robbed in Paris last year, I decided to not carry any wallet or credit cards with me (maybe not a smart move! I heard from another travel blogger that she caries only emergency money in her bra or underwear). I don't want to be this silly girl who lost all her money on her first night. So, be ready when you travel, as disaster can strike anywhere in the world!

Anyway, let's move to the happy part. What can you see in Spain in 10 Days?

Here is my small itinerary:

3 Days in Barcelona (read here).

1 Day in Granada (read here).

2 Days in Madrid (read here).

2 Day in Seville (read here).

1 Day in Toledo (read here).