Travel Diary: Things to do in Estonia in winter

On today's blog, I would like to share my travel diary for what I did in Tallinn, Estonia. Tallinn is very popular for its colorful pastel houses and unique doors. I even went around Old Town to find the most interesting doors of the capital city. Since I travelled to Estonia in winter, it made the trip a bit complicated. 

But here are a few things for why you should consider traveling to Estonia in the winter season.:

a) less tourists;
b) museums are almost empty;
c) beautiful Christmas market;
d) prices on hotels are lower than usual.

Here are a few reasons why I wouldn't travel there again during winter:

a) certain viewpoints or observation decks are closed due to bad weather or it being off-season;
b) snow or rain can ruin your pictures or camera (make sure to bring an umbrella and rain boots);
c) street food will be a bit pricy. Many restaurants get packed very easily, so make sure to reserve your table in advance.

Anyway, no matter when you travel, it is a great place to see and explore. For this trip, I decided to skip all museums and just enjoy the streets of Tallinn. Usually, I take time and invest some money to learn about history and art of the country, but I felt that I might come back here. If you are thinking wondering what you do there for 24 hours, I would advise to just get lost in the Old Town!

There great vista points from where you can see the Old Town, which are absolutely free. After visiting several of these points, I would advise you that these two viewing platforms are definitely worth your time: Kohtuotsa and Patkuli. Other favorite activities in Tallinn were walking on the city gate and drinking glogg (hot wine) at the Christmas market. As for foodies, I truly liked Peppersack restaurant, and would recommend that you try their salads and desserts. I hope you will pack your bags and take a trip to Estonia in 2018!