My Top 10 Apps that you should own

Hello, my dears. Today, I would love to share my favorite apps that I have been using, without which I can't imagine my daily life. So yeah, I'm definitely addicted!

1. Instagram. Of course! It is been one of the most beloved apps ever. I manage about 6 different accounts that all serve a purpose, and I find it really effective in keeping up with everyone. I love that IG lets you log into all your accounts without having to log out.
2. Rewardstyle. If you are looking into making some money from your blogging, this is a must have! Plus, it helps you spot cool items and trends from other bloggers!
3. Pinterest. This is probably the first place where I go to find inspiration when I am lost.  
4. Poshmark. Is your wardrobe is full of clothes and you don't know what to wear? Well then, sell them off! This app makes it easy to sell, shop, and manage the revolving wardrobes we all enjoy.
5. Snapseed. This is my first tool to edit photos from the phone. 
6. VSCO. When Snapseed doesn't work for me, I go to VSCO. It has pretty filters. I bought a Minimalist one that has been doing the trick.
7. Lightroom. I just started to use it recently on my phone. Since I edit most of my photos on the computer, I use lightroom to see if I missed any small details, and then fix them from the phone.
8. HBO. Haha yes, this has nothing to do with fashion. Although, I started to watch "Sex and The City" again. When I am bored and have no laptop around, this gives me my fix.  I like to multi-task by doing my social media and keeping up with my shows.  
9. Duolingo. If you are looking for learning new language. It is a way to go. No matter how busy you are, duolingo is perfect way to invest your 10-15 minutes to learn new words. 
10. VPN. Living overseas made my life a bit complicated in order to check all my banking information with feeling protected. VPN made everything simple for me, I even watch my HBO tv series whenever I want.