Why you should try out AirBnb

Hello, guys! You probably totally lost track of when and where do I travel. My year have been full of adventures lately. Anyway, a few weeks ago, I have travelled to Washington DC. I have been here before many times, but the city is so big and beautiful, that I can't resist coming back and imagining myself living there. Who knows - maybe one day, we will! Dreams come true! 
My point of this post that if you really want to experience the life of the people who live in this city, you should book via Airbnb. This post is not sponsored or paid (i hope one day they will pay me haha). I just think that you never know where it might bring you. I travelled across the country and experienced staying in different apartments, condos and houses. The best part of is that you can enjoy a beautifully design interior, and maybe get inspired for your future house in wonderful neighborhood. To be honest, I probably would never go to this part of town, though Airbnb made it happen.  The condo that we booked had a separate entrance, kitchen, bed room and living room. I was able to enjoy watching TV shows, doing my laundry and just having space. To be honest, when we planned our photo shoot, I felt like I was a Carrie Bradshaw, because the house looked similar to New York. Anyway, staying in a place where people might live makes you discover new neighborhoods, just because most hotels are located by the tourist attractions. 

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Check our Gene's Apartment in DC (link here )

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