My most important lessons that I learned in my life

Hello, hello, everyone! Today I would love to share with you some lessons that I learned in my life so far. We all make mistakes, no matter what we do, but there are some people who don't take these lesson in life. But I consider myself a good student. Since I have lived in different countries and had a of experience in my life so far, I think it will be interesting to share with you some of my lessons so you don't make the same mistakes.  
  • First, I learned never trust people who you don't know, but you think that you do. These types of people are the most dangerous, because you thought you knew everything about them, but it then turns out that they wear a mask of two-faces. They can be super sweet to you, but as soon you leave the room, they will talk trash about you. My problem in life is that I let some people be close to me and later they hurt my feelings. 
  • Second, don't wait until tomorrow. Haha, I'm a person, who keeps saying I will do something tomorrow and sometimes tomorrow turns into the next day. Well, but there are some days, when I'm actually a good girl and do everything on time. It really makes your life easy when everything that you planned is done.
  • Third, always have cash. Yes, we live in modern life when we all have credit cards or can pay by phone. But to be honest, my phone dies so quickly that I feel like my life is over, because I'm so dependent on my phone. You never know if something can happen to your card and you can't pay, which sucks if you're out and about (or even traveling!). Having cash in your pocket might save you time and maybe your life.
  • Never, ever lie. I never got caught lying, because I'm a good liar.  Haha. But I know the better way to go is to just not do it! Unless, you are a professional spy or something. 
Anyway, I hope some of this advice will help you. As for the photo shoot below, I'm wearing my new cardigan that I got from Kolonmall from their Lucky Chouette collection.  I absolutely love Kolonmall.  I hope you guys will check them out!

Turtleneck | Bloomingdale's    Skirt | Macy's  Cardigan | Kolon Mall Boots | Public Desire