How to dress like a French girl

Hello, guys! Before the Californian days get too cold, I would love to share how you can dress like a French girl just for fun inspiration. While living in Europe, I honestly never paid enough attention to how French girls dressed. Most of my friends didn't wear berets or eat croissants every day as we usually imagine. But for sure, they look simple and elegant.

It would be awesome to live in France and behave like a French lady, though, it's only a dream at this point for many of us.  To pull off this look, I wore my new striped sweater along with retro classy mini skirt that I got from Macy's. To accessorize my Frenchy style, I wore an adorable Macy's beret, Nicole Lee scarf and Public Desire boots. It might be not be festive enough for holiday season, but it can be an option in case you're not a fan of shiny dresses like me. Let me know what you think.

 Sweater | Macy's  Skirt | Macy's  Boots | Public Desire  Beret | Macy's