Best Things to do in Seville in 2 Days

Seville is my second favorite city in Spain after Barcelona. Despite our first horrible, rainy night in Seville, we got lucky by catching plenty of sun before we left. In my opinion, if you are planning to take a vacation in Spain, definitely stay in Seville. If I knew how much I would love Seville, I would probably have skipped Madrid, Toledo, and Granada. I felt like having only 2 days wasn't enough for me to enjoy the scent of oranges in the air, learning about the flamenco dance, and eating delicious tapas.


I have visited about 20 European countries, and to be honest, I never thought that Spain will be my favorite. We went there in the winter season, which I think was the best decision we ever made. Most people travel in summer, without knowing that winter is really great because it is cheap, less crowded and more safe (fewer pickpockets).


Based on our previous travel experiences, we barely stay in the hotel. We thought that booking an expensive hotel wouldn't make any sense. Like I said earlier, by traveling in winter, we were able to stay at the 4-star Hotel Becquer for a reasonable price. Judging by the amenities and rooms, I think this hotel more fairly rates as a nice 3-star. This hotel is close to all sightseeing attractions and public transportation.


1. Alcazar Seville. Are you fan of Game of Thrones? If yes, you will definitely recognize the Kingdom of Dorne. It is the home of Prince Oberyn Martell and where princess Myrcella enjoyed her moments with young Prince Trystane in the Water gardens. Well, Real Alcazar is a place where season 5 was filmed, and you have to visit! We spent more then 2 hours there, and also visited the Upper Royal Apartments that cost an extra 4€ on top of the general ticket.

Price : General Ticket €12.50
           General + Royal Apartments €17

2. Seville Cathedral. Not sure how this happened, but instead of buying a general ticket, we got a guided tour around the cathedral. Even though we did this by accident, it was the best experience, because we never had a tour quite like this before. We learned a lot about the history of the cathedral, about Seville, and enjoyed the best view over the city. The tour allows you to climb on the roof, through the rafters, and get to see up-close many of the details most only can view from the ground level. The access you get is unreal. Btw, did you know the "Discoverer of the New World," Christopher Columbus, has his tomb here?

Price: General Ticket €9
          Guided Tour €16

3. Metropol Parasol. It is the newest of the city's icons. It has the best view over the cityscape. We got there closer to sunset and to be honest, I never seen anything so cool. As a big fan of modern architecture, I definitely advise you to visit. You will also find a cafe upstairs to enjoy a cocktail with the view.

Price: €3

4. Flaminco Dance. Oh, yes, you have to see flaminco dancing. We spent so many hours to find something less touristy that we could enjoy. We ended up buying tickets at Casa de la Memoria. You are not allowed to take pictures or film during the concert. There is no dinner or drinks. I felt like it was the best decision, because we were able to enjoy beautiful singing and the dance. Before the end, they let us take pictures. I wish I had my professional camera to take pictures while they were dancing. The energy and passion of flaminco is mesmerizing.

Price: €18

5. Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art. In case its happens that you come to Seville and it rains, the best way to spend your time is to visit the Andalusian Center. It was interesting to see some of the exhibits and artwork. You can also enjoy snacks at the cafe you will find outside the museum. We found a fascinating exhibition that documents the refugee crisis in Europe, meticulously chronicling the harrowing journeys many of these people endured. Makes me thankful for everything I have in my life.

Price: €3

6. Giralda Tower. This tower was originally built as a minaret for the mosque. So, there are no stairs. A series of ramps made it easier to walk up 35 levels. Go early in the morning to avoid the crowds. You can have the viewing platform all for yourself. Our guided tour of Seville Cathedral included tickets to the tower, allowing us to skip the line the next morning. 

Price: Included to General Ticket to Seville Cathedral.

7. Plaza de Espana. We were blown away as soon we got to the Plaza. Besides the fantastic architecture, it is a great place to enjoy the sun. Sadly, the central building was closed for the public, but I hope they will open the complex in the future. I really enjoyed walking along the building, looking at the tiled walls depicting Spanish cities.

Price: Free

  1. Hospital de los Venerables. Sorry, but I felt like the price we paid was not worth it. Yes, you can visit the beautiful chapel and walk through rooms with some art. In my opinion, the ticket should be lower than €4. Price: €8
  2. Torre del Oro. We didn't go up, because we felt like that there no need to climb up and pay admission, because the best view of the city is from the Cathedral. Price: €1.5
  3. Upper Royal Apartments at Alcazar. Though beautiful, I didn't like it because the rules were super strict. You can't take pictures (even without flash), the guide hawkishly looks over your shoulder, stops in each room are brief, and you cannot leave the group for any reason. I felt a bit stressed there. Price: €4.5


1. Tuk Tuk Noodles (perfect break from Spanish cuisine);
2. Casa Placido (good, small-size tapas in a picturesque old-town location);
3. La Molona (Tapas Bar located not far from the main shopping district with killer tapas, great service, and big portions)

P.S. Pictures were edited with my Lightroom Presets that you can shop here.