17 things to do in Paris

Hello, guys! How is your week? This week my family arrived and it is quite amazing to have them in my house. Since my family lives far away, we get to see each other rarely. Anyway, you know that I traveled to Paris just a few weeks ago, and I thought that should give you a small guide: 17 things to do in Paris and tips to avoid mistakes (committed by my friends or I).  No matter how cold or rainy it is in Paris, I love going there, and still find it a very romantic city.  Paris is not just a popular destination for me, it is a special place where I had my second date with my husband under the Eiffel Tower. I always enjoy sharing our most romantic love story. Let me know if you would love to know it too ;) Let's move to my guided tour:

1. Wander around a French neighborhood. My favorite spots in Paris are Le Marais, Montmartre, Montparnasse, Bercy and of course, Champs-Elysees. 

2. Take the metro. What I love about Europe, is that it is easy to travel around. The metro is is not only cheap, but definitely the fastest way to avoid traffic in the city. Many metro stops will bring you directly to the most popular sightseeing spots. TIP: Don't throw away your metro ticket, because there is a ticket check at the exit (not always, but they check in touristy areas).

3. Visit Paris' Museums. Paris has rich history, architecture and art. There are a few museums that you have to visit, even if you have a short stay. My favorite museums: The Louvre (open every day except Tuesday, admission 15 Euro); the National Museum of Modern Art (admission free to permanent exhibitions); Petit Palais (admission free to permanent exhibitions), and the Grand Palais or Museum of Natural History. There are so many museums. Sadly, you will not have enough time to see everything.

4. Try chocolate. Beside of famous macaroons, you have to try Fancy chocolate with French origin. Since I went there for Fashion Week season, I tried to avoid sweets. But you can find many chocolate shops in the city.
5. Pick up some fresh flowers. It is probably the most romantic thing in Paris. Every single corner has a flower shop. If you are staying for at least a week in Paris, bring some fresh flowers to your room to create a nice atmosphere in your rented flat. Plus, a flower bouquet in France is way cheaper than in the USA.

6. Pay attention to details. You will never experience Paris as a true French person unless you pay enough attention to small details like architecture accents, warm rain or the sound of the French language. I always examine every single detail of architecture when I travel. Paris is a perfect place for Instagrammers.

7. Don't miss out on visiting some of the most famous sights. Every time I travel to Paris, I always try to visit some famous attractions. Otherwise, I feel like I didn't visit the city. There are plenty of top sights that you should see: the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe, Notre-Dame de Paris, Place de la Concorde, Le Marais, Montmartre, Trocadero, and Moulin Rouge.

8. Go shopping. Paris is a paradise for shoppers. Even though I am not a big shopper when I travel, I at least try to get something small. Paris is a popular place for tourists to shop in places like Galerie Lafayette or the Marais. Beside branded stores, you can always find local designers, boutiques or flea markets. TIP: Please be careful for pickpockets, because they can steal from your bag even in stores or other places you think are safe.

9. Take a small break for coffee and watch people. In my opinion, it is probably the most idealic thing to do in Paris. Get a cup of coffee with a croissant, and enjoy your morning while watching how French people smoke, talk or flirt. Every single corner cafe will be a perfect spot to enjoy your break.

10. Send a postcard to a loved one. If your loved one couldn't join your trip to Paris, the best way to feel the love in the air is to send a postcard from Paris.
11. Enjoy street music. What I love about Europe is that you can always see street musical groups. They play not only amazing music, but also add to the wonderful atmosphere in the city. Don't you agree?!

12. Eat local pastries. OMG, I wish I could eat French desserts for breakfast, lunch and dinner while not gaining any weight! They are not only cheap, but also incredibly delicious. I never could enjoy desserts in United States, because of the high sugar. 

13. Visit local bars. Paris is not only famous for delicious sweet desserts. It offers plenty for those without a sweet tooth. You can find many different bars with amazing interiors. Unfortunately, I didn't get chance to experience night life in Paris.  I will make a point of doing that on my next trip.

14. See Paris from above. Nothing is better than to see Paris from above. My favorite spot is the Arc de Triomphe. It is less crowded compared to the Eiffel Tower, and plus, you will want to see the Eiffel tower along with the landscape. My other favorite spot is Tour Montparnasse. 

15. Hunt for street art. I always found that street art gives a charming touch to the city's look and feel. Like other big cities, you can easily find guided tours where you can discover amazing street art.

16. Go to the market for fresh vegetables, fruits or seafood. Paris boasts countless local markets where you can experience French daily life for food-lovers. If you are thinking to save some money and eat delicious, definitely go to the market.

17. Eat crepes all day long. People say, if you come to Paris, have a French crepe affair. I know how to cook crepes at home, but French crepes are quite different. Not sure if they have a different recipe, or just being in Paris makes them taste better. But on our last night in Paris, we randomly stopped at La Creme de Paris and tested a gluten free pancake and strawberry crepe. They were incredible!