Why should you take a day trip to Granada, Spain

Hi, guys! Since I deleted my Instagram app from my phone, I feel like I finally FREE haha. We will talk about it later. Anyway, so as you know, we travelled to Seville, and we decided to take a day trip to Granada to see the famed Alhambra Palace. Since we were staying very close to the Bus Station in Seville, we went out the next morning and bought our tickets. The cost was about over 80 euro for 2 people. So, if you are planning to travel there, make sure to get tickets in advance, because it will save you some $$. Or you can take a train. Since, we planned only a day trip, the fastest way was a bus ride. It took about 3 hours without traffic.

Here is my itinerary:

8AM: We left Seville. At the bus station, you can find a cafe for quick bite and restroom (but bring your own paper and hand sanitizer, because it's still a public restroom).

11.00 AM: Arrived to Granada Bus Station.

11.08 AM: We took a bus ride on SN1 from Estacion Autobuses until Cathedral station. As soon you get off at the Cathedral bus station, keep walking straight, cross the street, take a left that bypasses the memorial, and keep walking up the hill until you see the bus station Plaza Isabel la Catolica. Sounds complicated, but it takes about 1-2 minutes.

11.36 AM: Take bus C3, which goes straight to Alhambra Main Entrance.

12.00 AM - 4.00 PM: Tour of the Alhambra Palace. I really enjoyed walking in the gardens, seeing Granada from the top, and being amazed by the Moorish palace complex. Despite the rainy and cold day, I don't regret going there, checking out some exhibits, and even eating some street food. My favorite things were the Court of Myrtles, Ceilings in the Palace of Lion, the mix of tiles and Arabic signs, General Life Gardens, Hall of Mocarabes, Hall of Abencerrajes, and of course, feeding wild cats.

4.20 PM-5.20 PM: We go back to the city and decide to see the Granada Cathedral. The entrance fee is 5 euro and you can receive a free audio guide.

5.20 PM -6.20 PM: we walked around old town and checked out the little market (like an old Moorish bazaar) where we got some souvenirs. Afterward, we got hungry enough to find a place to try some paella.

6.20-7.20 PM: Sadly, we picked the wrong place, "Restaurant Genil Gourmet." There was definitely nothing "gourmet" about this joint. Despite the nice photos that I took of our dinner, the food was horrible. The service was awful as well, with a distracted waiter who spent more time chatting with his coworkers than attending to diners. It took them forever to cook paella, and later, we were dismayed that the food was way over-salted. Like, it was inedible. I think they were trying to poison us. We seriously couldn't even finish it. We basically just left Granada super hungry.

7.20-8.00 PM: Rode back to Granada Bus Station via city bus.

8.00-11.00 PM: Departed Granada back to Seville.

P.S. Pictures were edited with my Lightroom Presets that you can shop here. don't forget to check out my short Youtube video here.