What will you do without blogging world?

While drinking my tea, eating dark chocolate with sea salt from Seattle and reading a few blogs, it made me think - what would I do if blogging didn't exist?! Have you ever asked yourself? Many take blogging as a great hobby to escape from real life, others use it as a serious business, and countless more blog to share their lives with friends and family. It's a little bit of everything for me. How could I live my life without my blog?! 

I wasn't planning to be a full time blogger. All I wanted was to have a real job that can support my family back in Kazakhstan. I have two BAs from different countries and haven't used my skills to build my career. You would think this sounds like a waste of time and money. Well, I guess, yes and no. Yes, because I feel like I should've thought out better what I really wanted to do in my life, and picked a different degree. No, since I got a free scholarship in Kazakhstan anyway, and education in Germany is the cheapest in the world. I think meeting my future husband changed my path and plans too. All I want in the world now is to just be with him, and here I am. He supported my idea to be a blogger and still continues to be my best supporter /sometimes sponsor ;). 

I have been blogging since 2013. I keep writing silly blogs believing that someone is interested to read every single word. Is it naive?! I am not even good at writing! Sometimes, I think that it is a great hobby to stay busy. It's better to do something rather than nothing. Otherwise, it helps improve my English skills (well, kind of, I still make many of the same mistakes). I've met so many great people, designers, photographers and creative individuals who have opened my eyes, and told me that I am talented too. I never thought that I had an eye and some skills for photography (btw, you should check out my second IG accounts @horsfallgotravel ), or that I can easily photoshop an elephant into my pictures and no one will know that I did it. Lol. I keep learning, but I'm still scared to offer my skills to a real market. I suppose the time will come when blogging will stop to exist (for me) and I will have to find a real job where I can render my skills. I'll keep working on them until that day comes. What would you do without your blogging world?