How to make your Valentine's Day special

Hello, guys! Valentine's Day is right around the corner and we are all thinking about how to spend our date or what to give for your loved one.  I now want to inspire my dear readers for what can you do to make this day special. 
  1. Decorations: Make sure to decorate the room. I found all decorations for Valentine's Day at the Party Store. I went there because I needed a convenient place that would make it easy since they had everything. I was able also to get candies, candles and confetti (We stayed at a hotel in NYC and the poor house keeper probably hates us after we left. Confetti was everywhere!). Anyway, if you are not scared to make your room messy, I would definitely advise you to use some confetti too, just because it will add some extra magic to the atmosphere in the room. 
  2. Dinner Date: Plan a dinner or something to drink. Since we stayed at the hotel, and we could not prepare dinner there, we just went out. I'm not a big cook, but I had a subscription to Sun Basket for almost a year. Their dinner menu is really amazing and can pass as a romantic dinner in case you don't know how to cook. For us, I just grabbed a bottle of red wine and some cookies, along with grapes. 
  3. Sexy Outfit: In my opinion, if you wear something unusual or even a nice classic dress with perfect lingerie, you will spice up your evening. 
  4. Gift:  I always have a hard time on what to give my husband for any occasion, but I know any man would appreciate a relaxing evening after a long week. If you really want to give something, you can always give a watch, maybe something from a men's wear collection, or consider the dinner as a gift. Or, go nuts, and get him a customized tomahawk.