How to edit your photos like a PRO

I always get questioned: what camera do I use? how do I edit my photos? etc. To be honest, I always thought that I needed to start selling my skills. It will help you and it would support my business. After working for several days, I finally created some filters that I have been testing on my own photos to make sure they are ready to put on the market. Anyway, I now have amazing news for my favorite ladies who are looking to make their photos look better.

At the moment, I am offering four different bundles of presets that you can use on Lightroom software. If you still don't have Lightroom, you should definitely get it. I pay about $11 per month for my Lightroom subscription and it is definitely worth it. I barely edit anything on Photoshop. It saves my time and makes my blog or social media look better and color coordinated. Since I didn't know where to sell my editing presets, I thought that the easiest way is to start with Etsy. Many of you have probably already registered there and it is just simple to shop on the site.

To find my store, you either click this link or on the top of my main page you will find "Lightroom Presets Kit." In the store, you will find four different kits that will let you to experiment with your photos. To have an idea of how your photos will look, I am sharing my photos below that you can see the difference.

You might find the kits a bit pricey, but believe me, I have bought cheap presets before - and to be honest, I barely saw any difference in my photos. As the saying goes, you oftentimes get what you pay for. So, I hope you will be satisfied, and I would be happy to see your edited pictures with my presets, just tag @queenhorsfall on your photos. I will share my favorites via blog/instagram/facebook.