Few tips before you go to Fashion Week

Hi, guys! Fashion Week season just started. I know I am a bit late to give you a few tips before you go to Fashion Week, but better late than never! This year, I attended Paris Fashion Week for the first time. I got plenty of invitations to stay busy. You know, I mastered Seoul and New York Fashion Weeks. It is not the first time for me to be in Paris, but attending Fashion Week for first time in Paris made me feel a bit nervous. I decided that it would be great to give you some general tips based on my experience to make this kind of event easier.

1. Don't be afraid to contact PR agencies. 
2. Give your hotel address as a place invitations can be sent.
3. Bring business cards with you. 
4. Carry an extra charger and extra batteries with you.
5. If scared to travel by yourself, contact fellow blogger to plan a travel adventure together.
6. Contact hotels in advance to see if you can stay for free or pay media rates.
7. Bring comfortable shoes with you. By the end of fashion week, everyone gets so exhausted.
8. Make sure to learn in advance how to travel around - taking a taxi will make your trip extra expensive.
9. Bring some snacks with you. Usually, I don't have any time to eat while running from show to show and lose weight. 

In case you're curious about the shoot below, we chose the location of Tobermory in Scotland.  It was a super cute place to visit!