My tips how to avoid insomnia #sp

When I return from our travels, I sometimes have problems sleeping. While my husband is enjoying his 10th dream, I am brainstorming different things that keep me awake throughout the entire night. And only when my iPhone's battery dies, I can finally close my eyes and fall asleep. However, when I need to buckle down and go to bed, I've figured out what I need to do.  I thought it would be great to share with you how I avoid insomnia/ jet lag when I am in extreme need of sleeping. 

-First, I cut out my tea drinking (since I am very sensitive to caffeine, even black tea can destroy my sleep routine). 
-Next, I purposely don't charge my cell phone, so that it dies not long after getting into bed. Searching on Instagram, liking or commenting is usually my big obstacle to sleep. When you can't use your phone, the pressure disappears to be on apps.
-Sometimes, hot or cold temperatures in our bedroom can lead to my dreaming hours. It is why I make sure the temperature is just right. If the weather is nice, I like to get some fresh air in the room in the early evening. 

I hope these few tips will help you in case you have some problems with sleeping. 

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