How to spend 48 hours in Lithuania

Hi, my dear travelers. It is been quite an awesome week. We are about to finish our trip in Spain. I hope you were able to keep up with my insta stories. I also shared my short videos on my Youtube channel. Check them out here. Today, I am recommend how you can spend 48 hours in Lithuania during the winter. You can take a short trip to the country's two biggest cities: Vilnius and Kaunas. Lithuania is not a widely-known country located on the Baltic Sea. From what I discovered, I think it's worth a visit. Why would you travel to Lithuania? Well, besides the delicious food, the beautiful architecture, and very budget-friendly scene, there are so many things to see and to do.

Day 1:

To make your trip easy, I would advise you to stay in the old town (per usual).  It's easy to walk around, and see the main attractions of the city. Here are my top 7 things to do in Vilnius:

1. Gate of Dawn is a city gate with an icon of the Virgin Mary. I wasn't able to take any photos of the Virgin Mary, but I have heard that many people travel to Vilnius to see the icon for healing reasons.

2. Church of St. Anne is a Roman catholic church, I truly was amazed by its stunning Gothic architecture.

3. Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania. The entrance to the museum and art exhibition costs only 3 Euro.

4. Church of St. Casimir. The pastel exterior of the church beautifully conceals the marble statues and church art within.
5. Literatu Street. If you are interested in finding a unique art district, make sure to visit Literatu Street.

6. The Republic of Uzupis. Uzupis is a tiny "republic" that was founded by Lithuanian artists. Besides the cool street art, they have their own constitution and own government (it's kind of a running joke).

7. Lithuanian Cuisine. I found Lithuanian food very unique, but a bit heavy. Don't get surprised when eating a lot of potatoes and meat. Otherwise, just enjoy the architecture of Vilnius.


Day 2:

Take a train ride to Kaunas. Tickets cost from 4.56 euro and it takes only 1 hour travel. Kaunas is the second largest municipality in Lithuania. It is definitely cheaper than Vilnius. It has some old Soviet vibes at times. Here is my top 5 things to do in Kaunas.

1. Kaunas Castle. Since we got there on Sunday, we didn't get our chance to see the 14th century castle. But it was great to walk around the grounds near the river, even though there was cold weather.

2. Kaunas City Museum. I truly loved the city museum,  because we were able to see different parts of the museum with a guide who was super knowledgeable.

3. Old Town. The old town of Kaunas is quite small and charming. The main street is lined with shops and cute cafes where you can stop for coffee and cake.

4. Street Art. I was amazed by their creative street arts. We were able to find only a few of these sometimes giant murals. Check out my photo below with all addresses of street art.

5. Aleksotas Funicular Railway. It last only 10 seconds, but it was fun. The ride cost less than 1 Euro, and from there, you can visit the Resurrection Church.  You can see the entire city of Kaunas from on top of this church.  Don't pay for the elevator.  We were kind of silly to do it!