How to dress like Parisian

Hi, guys! I have another prepared blog post while traveling in Spain. To be honest, I prepared all of my blog posts weeks in advance. I have so much content. Sometimes it's easy to prepare everything ahead of time. Traveling in Europe is truly fun, and always inspires me to experiment with my style. My friend Andreea took these pictures when we were in Paris last year, and I didn't have a chance to share them until now.

Here are a few tips on how you can dress like Parisian. If you have been in Paris, you will notice that Parisian women dress simple, but very elegant and feminine. They don't wear anything special, and prefer basic colors. More important is quality over quantity. Well, I have a bit of a problem with the shoes. I guess I can never be Parisian. Lol. 

Well, for my Parisian look, I chose to wear my wool overalls from one of my favorite Korean brands, along with a Zara classic blazer. Of course, I couldn't go without a silk scarf that I got as a gift at a show during Paris Fashion Week. To stay true to my style, I couldn't resist adding a bit of color to my outfit via a yellow Coach mini bag.