Part II: How to do Phoenix right in 3 days

Hello, guys! You know I have been super busy lately. My year started out extremely busy because my goal was to travel a lot. I just recently returned from my trip across the country. Oh, yeah, we were road tripping again, and this one was the best, because we were able to see a lot of cool places. I will share more details with you guys pretty soon. If you read my previous blog post, I shared how to do Phoenix right in 3 days, so I shared with you only my first part. We did so many of activities that I need to split my post into two parts. I will tell you a bit about what I shared in my first post in case you missed it or were too lazy to read. We stayed our first two nights at Hotel Valley Ho. The next morning, we went on a Hot Air Balloon expedition in the Sonoran Desert, which was absolutely fun. Afterward, we took a guided tour to Taliesin West to learn more about Frank Lloyd Wright's life. Later on, we met for a quick lunch and walked around Scottsdale, ending our day with a delicious dinner at Mountain Shadow at Paradise Valley.

Our third day in Phoenix was even more crazy and adventurous! We woke-up early in the morning, as we planned to enjoy breakfast in bed. Hotel Valley Ho is pretty awesome, because you can make a breakfast order in the evening so that the next morning you can wake-up to warm delicious meal. Before we ate anything of course, as true dedicated bloggers, we took our chance to organize a beautiful morning breakfast gathering and shoot ourselves in white bathrobes. Ha-ha, aren't we the cutest?! Anyway, after a yummy breakfast we checked out from the best hotel to follow up with our travel plan. 

Breakfast at Hotel Valley Ho

Our plan was to hike! You will laugh, since you know that I am not a hiker. Plus, I actually hate hiking, running or even doing any hard activities. But my fellow bloggers friends (Melanie & Kimberly) were super motivated to hike over 1.5 miles. We arrived to Mesa around 8am to start our adventure to Usery Mountain at Regional Park that led us to the Wind Cave Trail hike. The hike wasn't bad, to be honest. I sweated a lot and took some breaks, drunk a ton of water, though suffered from allergies because everything was blooming. We made it to the Cave, and from there, we enjoyed a beautiful view of Mesa. While the girls were taking pictures of each other, I went out searching for animals. And actually, I was so lucky to meet cute chipmunks and a ground squirrel.

Hike at Mesa

Afterwards, we departed to Queen Creek Olive Mill in Mesa for an olive tasting. Oh God, I wish you knew how delicious it looked and how tasty was it. After taking a ton of photos of the serving table, Kimberly and I actually went inside to test out all the olive oils while others were enjoying mouthwatering sandwiches amidst the olive trees that surrounded the park. 

Queen Creek Olive Mill

But our food tastings weren't finished. For lunch, we went to Agritopia. Agritopia is a community for people who want to experience organically farmed food. I never thought that you can grow anything in a desert area like Arizona, but we tried so many foods, that it made me think that I want to live in Arizona for their healthy culinary options. While waiting for our food to be ready, we decided to take a walk to Barnone. Barnone is a popular craftsman community where you can find cool gifts and take a coffee break.

Later, we finally checked-in to The Scott Resort located in downtown Scottsdale. As soon as we entered, we were blown away by how elegant it looked inside. We got our room key, passed the main lobby, followed by a classy bar and two pools while walking to our rooms. After taking a small break, we appointments for a spa treatment that The Scott Resorts offers to their guest. My girls got earlier appointments and I had extra time to talk to the assistant at the front desk and walk around. When my time came, I was invited to the room, which was totally unexpected for me. My treatment was a South Pacific Vichy Polish, which entails lying under warm streaming water while getting a body massage. I felt so amazing after the spa treatment. I was ready to start our next tour of cocktail hour while talking to The Scott Resort manager. 

The Scott Resort & SPA

SPA Hours

Happy Hour at The Scott Resort

After delicious snacks, we took an Uber and went to SomoMaya. SomoMaya is a local restaurant that offers Mexican-Asian fusion. It is exactly what I wanted to try a while ago. If you ask me where to eat in Phoenix, I will send you to SumoMaya! The mouthwatering food was not just delicious, but also very beautifully presented. To celebrate our last night stay, we thought that we have to try as much as possible. My favorite was Korean tacos and scallops.

Dinner at SumoMaya

The next morning, we went to the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. The garden was surprisingly big, and we had only an hour to walk around, take pictures, and read about the garden. I wish we could have enjoyed it more, but I needed to grab a quick breakfast and run back to the airport. After the Botanical Garden, we hopped on our transportation that was provided by Boss Transportation. Our driver (we discovered later he is the founder and owner) was super nice and always came on time to pick up us at any location. He was even so nice to drive us back to the airport. I actually almost missed my flight. I hate it when people cut in the security line, but I unfortunately ended up doing it myself by asking people to let me go first. Luckily, the Phoenix airport is relatively small, and I made it to my gate. Before running like a crazy person without shoes in the airport, we grabbed a breakfast at Phoenix Public Market Cafe and I got a delicious breakfast that I actually forgot to take pictures of. Haha, I think I was truly too hungry, but their pastries were delightful!

Breakfast at Phoenix Public Market Cafe
This trip was organized by Visit Phoenix, Experience Scottsdale, and City Limitless organizations. Thank you so much for an amazing adventure. All opinions are mine.