My review to Vine Vera Vitamin C collection

Hello, guys! I am so excited, because I'm leaving very soon for an awesome trip with my blogger babies to Phoenix. I have been looking forward to this adventure since February. You know how much I love to travel and talk about my experiences. A lot of you have asked me how I take care of my skin when I travel non-stop.

Well, I am going to tell you a few of my secrets: fresh air, a mix of healthy food, and of course, skin treatments. I have noticed that if I barely spend any time in the fresh air, my skin will get bad. When I eat poorly, my skin gets too oily and pimple problems only increases. Of course, if I'm using bad quality skin care products, it causes a skin reaction. 

For the first two of my secrets, you can easily follow them by going out for a walk and eating more vegetables and fruits. But what about skin care products? I got to collaborate with Vine Vera again and share with you why you are going to love them too. Before I wrote this post, I had tested Vine Vera Vitamin C for a week to make sure that I shared my own opinion about the product. And if you have seem my stories, I showed my skin care there too. I also wrote about them last year, which you can find here. They are legit.

Let's look at why you need to know about Vine Vera Vitamin C. In the collection set, you will find a peeling (perfect to remove your make-up and oils), cleaners (I use it daily for smoothing the skin, and its nice smell leaves a fresh feeling), lip balm (lips need extra love too - it is actually tastes very sweet), moisturizer (it is very important to keep your skin moisturized to prevent aging), and serum (it activates all ingredients to protect you from aging, smells like yummy candy, and has a light texture leaving you with smooth skin). If you want to learn more about how to apply to your skin, you can find a YouTube video here. That best part of Vine Vera collections is that they are against cruelty to animals and they use natural ingredients like oils, vitamins, and minerals. I truly enjoy using it. Their packing with cutely-designed boxes is quite pretty too. If you are not interested to get a full collection, you can always to try out some of their products under They are giving 30% OFF to all my followers by using the discount code "SPRINGDIHOR".

Btw, I just checked their twitter account, and they are running a giveaway. Hurry up before it is finished or visit 

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