Lord & Taylor Family and Friends Sale ; 30% OFF on everything

Hello, my sweet muchachas! I hope your week will be as exciting as mine. My bag is almost packed and I’m gleefully ready to leave for an adventure. I started to pack my travel bag since week. Don’t laugh, but I like to be prepared and not forget anything! That’s right – anything! Haha, I just now need to get some sunscreen.  How about you? Do you meticulously prepare ahead of time, or do you leave everything until the last moment?

Today’s post will be very special. In celebration of the Lord & Taylor Friends & Family Sale, I decided to create a beautiful editorial photoshoot. I feel like it has been forever since I created something exceptional. You know, I’m a big fan of editorials. A big reason is because I love photography where an artist tries to tell us a story or message through capturing a moment. I can spend hours on Pinterest by pinning mesmerizing photography by different artists. 

I asked my photographer if he could take pictures in one of our national forests. I’m enjoying being surrounded by nature, singing birds, and tree whispers. It makes me feel like a wild bird myself. Hehe, my husband calls me a “bird” sometimes, because I’m small and exotic.  

After we arrived to the location, I knew exactly how it should be captured. The wind was touching my face, which made me feel super playful in my new dress that I got from Lord & Taylor.  Before I ordered this dress, I actually had a hard time picking out which dress I liked the most. Lord & Taylor offers so many beautiful pieces and has such a big variety of dresses ranging from affordable to luxurious. But this alluring dress stole my heart. I can’t wait to wear it again when we are going to travel next time.

To complete my Californian-spring outfit, I wore leather dress sandals (that are extremely comfortable despite the high heel), a small crossbody bag (seriously, how could I not buy it when it was on clearance and I got lucky because it just got sold out) and a hat (you can find similar at Lord & Taylor click here). All these items you can find at Lord & Taylor! Just so you know, Lord & Taylor is running a Friends & Family Sale, with an extra 30% off almost everything. Definitely want to highlight that I love their quick delivery. I made an order on Friday and it got delivered on Wednesday. And finally, who doesn’t love sales! For this reason, I will encourage you to check them out and get your hands on all the best items before they are gone.

Thanks to Lord & Taylor for sponsoring this post via Shopping Links!