Recap to my NYC travel (part 3)

This is my final post about my NYC trip. If you didn't read my first two posts, make sure to look at my travel selection. Anyway, on my last day in NYC, I tried to stay busy all day from packed schedule. My friend, Melanie, who is a photographer and a blogger (, was so nice to drive all the way to NJ, then get on a bus to NYC the next morning so we could hang out. We met early in the morning to shoot some outfits, because I was not able to shoot them the day before.

After a quick photoshoot, and me running like crazy to change my outfits, we went (as planned) to visit the Violet Ray showroom. After we arrived there, we took some other street style photos featuring their new spring collection that I'm going to show later.

After that, we got quite hungry and noticed that we passed a place with cool, delicious sushi burritos. I had never tried burrito in Japanese-style before. It was actually really yummy! Melanie planned for us to go back to the hotel and drop off all the gifts that Violet Ray gave us for our Phoenix trip in April. We can't wait to shoot them! Afterward, we took a subway trip to Williamsburg bridge. That was my first time there, and it was quite fun to see a different part of the city. You probably will see more photos at Melanie's blog post that I took.;)

After freezing our butts off, we really wanted to eat some dessert. Melanie said that she want to try some Eggloo in China Town, which worked perfectly, because I wanted to go to Little Italy anyway. Plus, we had a jewelry presentation event nearby. Time flew so quickly that we didn't even notice that it turned to 6pm. We hurried to get to Flying Solo showroom, because my blogger babies started to text me. Sylvia is the founder and jewelry designer of Iza by Silvia D' Avila, who I met few days ago when I came to Flying Solo. She was so sweet, and organized a small event for me and the bloggers I invited. This was the perfect time to see everyone and get to know Sylvia and the Flying Solo team. They offered us some cheese, fruits and drinks. I can't wait until we will feature her collection on

After a few hours, we went to get some hot drinks, and of course, to try some local food. Our stop was at Delicatessen. I actually wanted to go there a while ago. The tacos were very delicious and cheap. I would definitely advise you to go there.
Visiting and Modeling for Violet Ray

 Quick Snack at Sushirrito

 Back to Italian/ Chinese Neighborhood 

 Trying out this delicious Eggloo
 Back at Flying Solo with these beauties

 Dinner at Delicatessen