My trip to NYC and what did I do there (part 1)

Hello guys,

I hope your week was less crazy than mine. As you have seen on my social media, I took a business trip to NYC. As a fashion blogger and creative director of an online magazine, I try to work hard to turn any travel into a business trip. I never miss the opportunity to build up relationships with pr agencies, brands and blogging communities. Today, I would love to share what I did while enjoying New Yorker life. I decided that it will be better to split the story into three parts. 

My first day:

On my first day, I planned to meet designer Minan Wong at Flying Solo (I will tell you more about her in my next post). You never know how your networking connections can lead you to meet more amazing people than you had not planned. That day, everyone in NYC was preparing for the upcoming snow storm, because it was supposed to be the worst blizzard in the history of New York City. Haha (I laughed myself, since I come from North Kazakhstan. 34 inches of snow is actually not so bad to shut down the entire city). Anyway, while waiting for Mimi, I decided to explore the whole room and talk to people to find out what is so special about this place. As it turned out, it was an amazing place to start networking with people in the Fashion Industry, because I met the designers and founders of Flying Solo. It felt very welcoming and the best part is that half of the people spoke Russian. In case you don’t know, I speak Russian too. Anyway, after trying on some pieces of Mimi, I fell in love with the entire collection. I promise to show you some pieces that I picked to wear while I was in NYC. Later, I went to meet my baby Keri, that runs a blog We met with her a couple of years ago, when my husband and I travelled to Philadelphia. Since then, Keri has become one of my favorite people, because she is so sweet and cute! We spent a couple of hours in Soho and went to snack on some pizza in Little Italy (just in case, if you love Pizza, go there and check it out).

Flying Solo Showroom

 Some popular Soho Stairs

  Little Italy

My second day: 

On my second day, it was a bit slow. The blizzard crashed into NYC overnight. I planned to have a quick breakfast with my new friend Alina @l00k_inside_ (that I met in Flying Solo, she is modeling for them).  As it so happened, I also got a message from Michelle (a style blogger of, saying that she is coming to NYC and will be checking out some sample sales, and that I should come down too. Of course, I couldn't refuse, and I texted to Alina that we should go shop instead. As soon I arrived to the store, Michelle recognized me, and she introduced me to her friend Belle (, who happens to be a fashion blogger too. After a shopping, we went to take some pics and have a quick snack by Chloe. I have heard about this place and was happy that we went there. I got a cup of broccoli soup and hot tea. We were tired from walking all day, so we took the subway to go home.

To be continued......

Have you ever seen empty streets in NYC?

  Our cozy spot by Chloe

 Went to Century 21 and it was closed ;(
  with Michelle
 with Belle
with Alina