My trip to NYC and how I saved life of little bird (part 2)

Okay, guys! Here comes my second part of the story about what happened to me in NYC.  Sit comfortably and imagine as if you were there with me ;)

On my third day:
I was planning to have a quick coffee break with Belle and to meet up afterward with two other bloggers, but because of the heavy snow and the subsequent melting into puddles across the city, Midtown had horrible traffic and I couldn't leave the city to go south.

I felt quite horrible, because Belle was waiting for me, and I sadly had to cancel our lunch. People, if you ever come to NYC, learn how to use the subway! In this situation, taxis, Uber or Lyft are helpless.  Since my lunch got canceled, I went to Starbucks and grabbed a hot chocolate and sandwich. Things got even worse after I spilled hot chocolate on myself. I wondered, what else can happen to me and ruin my day? Being dirty, hungry and very disappointed, I decided to walk to CVS to get some cleaning stuff. 

On my way to CVS, I heard something loud hit the cafe window and I saw this little bird. To be honest, I was shocked, but my reaction was quick and grabbed him from the ground and put him into my scarf. He was quiet and didn't mind being picked up. Oh, if only you knew how cold it was that day! After walking for the next 5 minutes, I was looking for help, because both of my hands were busy. I saw young woman outside. OMG, she was so sweet and agreed to help me (someone said that NY people are rude! Not true!). Her name is Serena, and she was so sweet to call to animal rescue and take me with her to the East part of the city. As it so happened, she works at Chelsea in one of art galleries there. 

Serena asked the Uber driver to drop her first and go to the next location. The driver was also nice and drove all the way to Central Park to the Wild Bird Shelter. With the horrible traffic and going to two different locations, I spent almost an hour in the car. As soon I got to the Wild Bird Fund organization, I met some truly amazing people. The room was full of different birds, even chickens. They explained to me what type of birds it was, and how volunteers support in the daily care of beautiful birds that need extra love due horrible wind in NYC. I was so happy that my guy was alive and actually spent plenty time with me while snuggling in my scarf. 

If you are a local or live in NYC, I truly want to encourage you to make a small donation to support funding of this organization. Their space is very small, and people there are very welcoming - like a small family. If you love animals and birds you can always join them by volunteering or donating money. Even a tiny contribution is super helpful for them. You can find their organization under and your gift is tax deductible! (This is not me advertising, just being real!)

After spending some time there, I needed to rush to go back to town and in order to not miss my next appointment (well I was already 1 hour late). My next appointment was at the Nina Shoes Office. I was so pleased to meet Francesca and Amanda, with whom I've stayed in touch for a long time. And now we finally met in person! They showed me around the showrooms, even told some history about how "Nina" started. We walked to a couple of the designer rooms and I was able to see where all the beautiful shoes are being created. A few minutes later, I met up with Nina herself! I felt so inspired and blessed after all the horrible hours at the start of my day. 

Here I am with my little guy (woodcock)
Wild Bird Fund

Checking out how bad he got hurt

At Nina Shoes Office

 with Francesca

NYC looks beautiful even in melting snow