I'm a girl who on the move with Albion Fit

Hello, guys! I hope your first week of February was as entertaining as mine! My friend Megan came down from Santa Cruz, and we hung out in Monterey and Pacific Grove. I also finally saw, “Arrival.” Great movie! Some of you who have been following me have seen how my blog has changed and evolved over time. In just a few years, I have learned something about myself, and realized that I'm a girl who is on the move. It’s not just me though. A lot of modern women are not afraid to travel, to do something that they never did before. They are not scared to fight for their freedom and independence. Living in the United States, I do get inspired from how independent women are from anything. They are strong. They are motivated. Most important, they are very intelligent. In collaboration with Albion Fit, I decided to share with my dear female readers that no matter what we do, we can look fabulous and stylish by wearing practical, comfortable clothes that will inspire us to keep moving and learn this wonderful world and influence other women around us. You know that I'm a woman who loves traveling to not just take some fantastic shots, but also to inspire other ladies to go out and discover new things. I hope you see the world that is open to us. For my outfit, I picked a Granite jumpsuit
that works perfectly for me as workout gear and can easily transition to lounging. AlbionFit offers a lot of amazing garments for women like me. I also got a cool the Island Hopper Swimsuit. It is still early for you to hit the beach, but in case if you are looking for swimwear for a short trip to somewhere warmer, make sure to visit them. Luckily, I went to San Diego and we had enjoyed a small trip to the beach.

Also, Albion Fit offered a 15% off for my lovely readers by using discount code "QUEEN" till 22 Feb.