Happy Mother's Day #bettermatters | #ad

Smart phones seem to keep evolving and changing our lives even more. It’s pretty neat what we can do these days. This weekend is a perfect example, since Mother’s Day is upon us, and we have an unprecedented number of ways thanks to smart phone technology to thank our awesome, brilliant, loving, and all-important mothers! 

I want to say “Happy Mother’s Day” to all moms across the world!  I’m dedicating this post to my two moms (mine and my husband’s) by writing this post dedicated to them.  They have always supported, loved, and motivated me to keep pursuing my dreams.  I mentioned earlier that I’m not able to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom because she lives in another country.  The good news is that today’s high-tech offerings allow me to be super “close” to her anyway!  

Last month, I mentioned that I’m an official influencer of the best cell service in America- Verizon, and that I got a new phone to test. Seriously people, you can’t believe how much I love my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It takes fantastic photos, but more importantly at the moment, I am able to stay in touch with my family in Kazakhstan when I need to most.

I have been using Skype since I left my home country in 2009. It was the only way to communicate with people I care about most and love. After a couple of years, it got even better, because it became possible to communicate with several people at once. It saved me time, money and was efficient in keeping me in touch with everyone. Usually, I call from my computer, but we made plans to go out this weekend. The best part here is that it doesn’t matter where am I, because I can easily call my family and stay connected. Better is the matter when you have the best connection! Again Happy Mother's Day and enjoy my photos that I took with Samsung Galaxy S7 edge special for Mother's Day, plus all photos are unedited!!!!

P.S. So proud to be a member of a cool team influencers, all opinions are my own and my post is about my own experience.

Sending all these flowers to you!!!!