Canary Smart Home Security Device from Verizon

Hello, my dears! Today, I would love to share my experience of using a smart home security device and how it has been integrated into my life. Firstly, I want to thank the wonderful team at Verizon for providing me with a Canary Home Security device. I never thought how important it would be to have something like this in my home.  

The Canary Smart Home Security is a modern looking device that includes a complete home security system that also monitors the temperature, humidity, and quality of the air. It was super easy to install and access from my phone. This little guy now is now not just a device that protects my house, but it also functions as a small babysitter for my hamster! 

You would laugh, but last week, we decided to take a trip to Sacramento to see our relatives. I didn't want to stress my little friend by traveling 4 hours in the car, and then having to deal with a new environment. We decided to double-task our home security device as a pet camera (multi-application is one of its strengths). I set my hamster's playpen in the bathroom and installed the camera in the best position to keep tabs on everything. And you know what, it turned out to be an amazing trick. 

As soon I connected to wifi, I checked my Canary app on the phone. The apartment was in order, and best of all, my baby hamster was safe and happy to be home unsupervised. Since the camera monitors the temperature as well, I knew that he was totally comfortable by not overheating or being cold. The device itself is quite small, and its modern look will fit into your home interior easily. The retail price for this awesome camera costs only $199.99 that you can get at Verizon. I love the wide variety of smart home products at Verizon that makes life easier. Hard to put a price on peace of mind. Hehe.

As a member of the Verizon Influencer group, I occasionally receive cool products to test drive and share my honest thoughts on. No additional compensation is provided to me. All the opinions here are my own, so you can get the real deal!

P.S. I use Canary app on Android & Iphone phones