Interview with District Gal

  District Gal is a fashion blog, which inspired by Korean style. Yvette Cruz is a founder of District Gal. On her blog, you can find about Korean fashion, great restaurants, shops, and events.

     Tell us about yourself a little bit: Who are you, where are you from, how old and what do you do?
      I am Yvette Cruz, Mexican-American from Chicago, IL
About age, it’s a secret!!
I am Fashion Blogger News/Media Style. Owner of District Gal.
(To find out more about District Gal, visit Fashion in Korea MagazineSocial Wardrobe blog

What made you fall in love with Fashion? Was it a childhood passion? What was an inspiration for you?
Yes. As a child, I used to sketch/doodle models in magazines all the time for my mom to stick onto the refrigerator.  I made promises to her that I would be a famous fashion designer someday.  So my inspiration comes from keeping my promises to my hard-working mother, fashion writing, and to be honest, it makes my heartbeat faster.  It keeps me really alive!

I know your Korean Fashion website “Districtgal.” What made your decision to build your website? How did you choose the name for your page? Why “Districtgal?”
Korea has awesome stylish fashion combos, but an American might encounter an item (mini-skirts & hair scrunchies) that are on Americas list of “Top 10 80’s Fashion Fads”.  It’s weird how Korea re-opened the beginnings of my fashion career desires.  I was lucky to have made a connection to open new doors for myself.
District Gal intertwines a variety of fashion facets: wardrobe styling, fashion journalism, and shares a trendy social scene. 

How long have you been in the Fashion Industry?
Over 10 years.

Why did you decide to start your website while living in Korea? Why not in the States?
I started my website while living in Korea because I Eat My Clothes(Not Kimchi)!!  J  Back home it was nerves and fears of judgment or failure that held me back.  After 22 months living in Korea, and traveling to Japan & Vietnam I learned to “face the world” without fear.  Perfect timing to start pursuing lifelong fashion dreams!

 What are you wanting from your website?  Is it more business prospects or fun?
Both.  I love sharing fashion advice, and while in Korea, I connect with the Korean fashion community (i.e., Fashion in Korea, mimi de machell K-brand, and so on) and collaborate with them to reach out globally.

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Could you explain aspects that makes your website unique from another Fashion magazines and websites?
District Gal is your ONE-STOP shop for things Korean and international, every week!!  It’s a collective that shares style inspiration to help you rethink your closet & while it’s here, indulging in K-Dramas in South Korea, let’s spread some love for K-Fashion.  Please “Like” the page ( so we can spread the K-Love together!

 What do you like about Korean Fashion and what do you hate?
     Women - I love their sophistication, flirty skirts & classy tops J.  But I don’t like peplum tops. 
Men - I love their “Gentlemen Style” J, but I don’t like tight pants that show what they got!  

What is most important in your life?
Love.  Family.  Happiness.  Success.

Can you tell us about your style? What style do you prefer? And why?
I like to mix controversial styles; fancy tops with basic bottoms, or vice versa.  On a party night, I might be a sassy/classy vixen (mini-shorts with a longer flowy top).  In Korea, I have no time to travel back home – it’s over an hour trip, doesn’t really seem worth it.  So I like to wear pieces I can wear from Day to Night or I bashfully make a QUICK-STOP at one of Koreas’ popular underground shopping terminals.  The good thing is the prices are so reasonable, so I don’t have to feel so guilty about my shopping pleasure.

I really like your page and you did a great job. Maybe can you give an advice to people to be successful?
Keep yourself motivated.  Read online fashion magazines & Stay Updated with other fashion bloggers daily.

I heard that you have many District Gal fans who help you with your page. Would you like to thank them now?
Of course, Thank You for all your support for making District Gal stand-out in Seoul, and beyond!!  You guys & gals are all so amazing, and I hope that District Gal has given you those cool fashion looks, you always wanted to try.  Los Quiero Mucho!

On this minute, I will stop our conversation and I thank you for your time. And Guys, I am sure that you would love District Gal. Wish you a great day!
Your QH.