Where to find BFF's outfits

7:25 AM
Hey, guys! I know you all had a fantastic weekend for sure! Lately, I have been traveling a lot to explore California since my husband has to stay on East Coast. Sadly, the weather has been changing extremely crazily from warm to cold rainy days. Last week, I travelled to San Diego and saw my bestie Elyse (Faith in Style) again. I never thought that I would such find an awesome travel buddy! Luckily, we accomplished a lot of fun stuff together. I hope I can see her again in March or April. I also decided that to travel with other blogger babies to Phoenix soon. I will tell you more as soon we confirm our trip. Anyway, I had a blast with Lulu's clothing line and thought that it would be cool to create matching BFF outfits. Thanks to Lulus for sponsoring these matching sweaters that we decided to get in different colors. Since they are quite cozy, we thought that we can assemble casual outfits by wearing denim jeans, slip shoes and backpacks in case you are a travel girls like us.  Let me know in the comments, where did you travel with your BFFs this year?

Red sweater | Lulus  Taupe sweater | Lulus  Jeans on me | NY&Company  Backpack | Zara 

How to set up an editorial photo shoot

8:31 PM
Hello, my sweeties. You know, I always try to stay super creative and make my blog to stand out. But blogging and creating takes a lot of time and energy, and requires finding inspiration. I would love to share with you a few tips for how can you set up an editorial photo shoot. 
  1. Think of the concept. I always looked up what I wanted via Pinterest or Instagram. I'm not looking so much for bloggers' pictures, but more looking at what models/ photographers have done. 
  2. Think of the location. Location is usually a really important aspect for your photoshoot. Of course, outdoors is always best not just for cool places, but also for the photography reasons if  you don't have a photography skills (shooting in daylight and outside is easiest).
  3. Think of the outfit. The outfit can create not only a strong image but also tell the story of your concept.
  4. Hair/ Make Up Style. I barely think of these things because I'm bad at styling my hair and my face. But if you work with professionals, make sure to tell them what you are looking for.
  5. Editing Skills. Luckily, I know how to use certain programs for editing, but I keep learning from Youtube channels like Photoshop Tutorials, Lightroom Editing etc.
Let's turn on your imagination and tell me the story, what we have created here. Best story will be shared in my next post! 

Our Galentine's Day at Salvation Mountain

12:57 PM
Hello, guys! It might a bit late to share, but it's better later than never. This year, instead of celebrating Valentine's day, my BFF Elyse (blogger of Faith In Style) and I decided to take a trip to Salvation Mountain and shoot our outfits to celebrate Galentine's day there. We wore some wonderful outfits that were provided by Lulus, and were lucky that the beautiful Claire Arceri did our make-up. After getting ready, we climbed the mountain and Andrew (her husband) took action to shoot two lovely gals in matching outfits.  Since I have no patience, I decided to edit the photos myself and share with my readers our final team work. 
Salvation Mountain is an art project that is located in the Colorado Desert. If you ever plan to visit southern California, you should definitely check it out. Also, you can donate paints to the organization so they can continue working on this spectacular project that was started by Leonardo Knight, who died in 2014.  I definitely advise you to visit this unique place. It's worth driving there and seeing a sunset on the top of mountain. 

Get our dress via this link >> here

Water Front in Seattle during gold hours

12:58 PM
Hello, my sweetie pies. My week have been quite busy and quite boring. Haha. Anyway, this winter we were in Seattle for a bit. I was able to do some touristy stuff. It is always so fun going home. We try to explore the city, because it is growing and there is always something new coming out. This time we visited the Columbian Tower and Smith Tower, but for this photo shoot, we decided to take a walk along the Water Front. And while we walked, of course we got us a cup of hot mocha at Starbucks. I have been wanting to shoot with their legendary red cup for a while. It might be a little late for a Christmas cup, but whatever. Who doesn't love Starbucks? Seattle is famous for rainy weather, but we picked the right day for a photo shoot because it was quite lovely and sunny. This makes me love Seattle even more. I was wearing that day my wide leg denim pants from Storets, along with Boohoo grey coat and Shellys London boots. By the way, how do you plan to spend your weekend?
Coat | Boohoo Pants | Storets  Sweater | Macys  Boots | Shellys London  Bag | Poupee de papier

I'm a girl who on the move with Albion Fit

4:15 PM
Hello, guys! I hope your first week of February was as entertaining as mine! My friend Megan came down from Santa Cruz, and we hung out in Monterey and Pacific Grove. I also finally saw, “Arrival.” Great movie! Some of you who have been following me have seen how my blog has changed and evolved over time. In just a few years, I have learned something about myself, and realized that I'm a girl who is on the move. It’s not just me though. A lot of modern women are not afraid to travel, to do something that they never did before. They are not scared to fight for their freedom and independence. Living in the United States, I do get inspired from how independent women are from anything. They are strong. They are motivated. Most important, they are very intelligent. In collaboration with Albion Fit, I decided to share with my dear female readers that no matter what we do, we can look fabulous and stylish by wearing practical, comfortable clothes that will inspire us to keep moving and learn this wonderful world and influence other women around us. You know that I'm a woman who loves traveling to not just take some fantastic shots, but also to inspire other ladies to go out and discover new things. I hope you see the world that is open to us. For my outfit, I picked a Granite jumpsuit
that works perfectly for me as workout gear and can easily transition to lounging. AlbionFit offers a lot of amazing garments for women like me. I also got a cool the Island Hopper Swimsuit. It is still early for you to hit the beach, but in case if you are looking for swimwear for a short trip to somewhere warmer, make sure to visit them. Luckily, I went to San Diego and we had enjoyed a small trip to the beach.

Also, Albion Fit offered a 15% off for my lovely readers by using discount code "QUEEN" till 22 Feb. 

What to wear for New York Fashion Week

2:21 PM
Hey, guys! I hope you are all excited for FW season. Before the new year, I was planning to go to NYFW, but as it turned out, my aunt from Kazakhstan is planning to travel to Seattle this year. It is happening at the same time as the start of fashion week. I still thought it would be great to create some NYFW outfits to inspire you guys.  Since, my first trip to NY ever occurred during winter, I totally know what you need to bring with you. Since January/February are snowy months, make sure to wear warm shoes that will not get wet. A denim skirt or any denim piece is a a must-have in New York. New Yorkers prefer to wear more classy, yet comfortable outfits. That is why I think this striped sweater would work with anything you would wear. Furs coats are always trendy for winter season and, of course, will keep you super toasty. I advise you to definitely bring extra hats, scarfs and mittens, as you never know. Who is going to Fashion Week this year? Btw, if you are looking for a high-quality faux fur coat, check out Tart Collections and use DISCOUNT CODE " QUEENHORSFALL1".
Coat | Tart Collection  Sweater | Tommy Hilfiger    Skirt | Pretty Little Thing    
Boots | Stuart Weitzman     Scarf | H&M

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