Top 10 restaurants in Tbilisi, Georgia

As I promised on my social media, I am sharing with you where you can you drink, eat or spend time at picturesque cafe spots in Tbilisi. I am not really good at taking food pictures. I always felt so jealous of people who took perfect pictures of food. Anyway, Tbilisi is not just a beautiful cultural city but it is also famous for wine and amazing cuisine. I am big fan of Georgian khinkali & home made cheese. Their wine is really getting popular among European brands. In case you plan to come here, make sure to do a wine tasting. Anyway, besides delicious food, Tbilisi offers a ton of cute cafes, restaurants, and street food that are not just cheap, but also very tasty and could work as a perfect spot for Instagrammers. Here is a list of 10 my favorite spots in Tbilisi:

2. Ezo
4. Underground Bar
6. Cafe Linville
7. Paul Cafe
8. Bern restaurant
9. PurPur
10. Le Marais

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