Outfit Idea: How to style cobalt blue in the winter season

Greetings to December! To be honest, I never look forward to December, because it means that my awesome year is about to finish or it's time to wear warmer clothes. When I was younger, I used to love December because it meant that we are about to have holidays and school break. It was also time to prepare your house to celebrate New Year. Since I've grown and moved out from my parents' house, I stopped caring so much about New Year. Maybe it's because being in the USA and Europe, people place more emphasis on Christmas as a family holiday. Unfortunately, my husband and I happen to live far away from our families. We probably have the lamest Christmas ever. LOL. Just a few gifts exchanged, usually breakfast together, and a fake little Christmas tree. Luckily, last year, we were able to celebrate Christmas with his family in Seattle. Not sure how we are going to do this year, because my husband is working on New Year's Eve. I am not complaining at the moment, but I am kind of worrying about how we are going to do it when we will have kids ;) However, to create a festive vibe on my blog, I decided to wear a monchrome blue outfit. I am so sorry if it looks more like fall. It's only because I did a photoshoot with my mom back in November to prepare this post for December ;). If you are still looking for cool sweaters, just look down at my post. I linked up some sweaters for you! Let me know how you are going to celebrate Christmas!

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