What did I wear for Paris Fashion Week (II)

Hello, guys! This past week, we had such wonderful weather. Also, my family from the United States arrived.  We have been waiting for them for quite a long time. They got quite lucky to catch some warm weather before it got chillier and nasty. Anyway, here is my second blog post for what I wore in Paris for Fashion Week. Usually, I am super dressy for the Fashion Week season, but I have been traveling for almost a month and dragging my heavy back everywhere. I decided that I should take only hand luggage with me to Paris. I packed only a few outfits, 2 mini bags and few pairs of shoes. My fellow bloggers came with huge suitcases that created a big mess in our tiny Parisian room. Haha. Due to the warmer weather, I switched my turtleneck to a white t-shirt and styled it with a pleated dress from Storest. In case it got too cold, I decided to bring my All Saint leather jacket. To stay comfortable, I wore my sneakers along with white lace socks. Lastly, for accessories, I picked  a pierced Asos beret (that I saw on several girls throughout Paris Fashion Week), mirrored sunglasses and statement earrings. 

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