What I wore in San Diego

Hi, guys! How have you been? I just returned back from Belarus and found a little time to write a blog post. Not having Internet can be a disaster, especially for us who are attached to the social media world. That being said, it can be beneficial for taking a small vacation. In today's blog post, I want to share what I wore when I traveled to San Diego this year. I did this photoshoot with my BFF's Elyse in February, when I flew from Monterey to San Diego. I had the luxury of traveling when I wanted, so I was able to score an awesome deal. I think the timing was good for flying from Monterey to San Diego, as the tickets were extremely cheap! Round trip tickets were only $150. Btw, if you want to know some tips how to travel on a budget, please let me know. I will dedicate an entire blog post for you.

Back to my outfit. We decided to shoot this outfit in Balboa Park in San Diego. It is quite the picturesque spot for bloggers. You will see on social media that many fashion bloggers hang out there to shoot their outfits. Since I knew that I will need to walk a lot, of course, I styled my adidas sneakers (that are sadly no longer bright white). I don't know how to keep my white sneakers white after walking a lot. If you know some secrets, please let me know! It was quite windy that day (don't forget, it was February in San Diego). I decided to wear a long-sleeve shirt from Zara along with Forever 21 overall dress and borrowed Rebecca Minkoff from my friend.

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