How to look stylish while traveling!

Hi, guys! You have asked me how to look stylish while traveling?! Well, I totally understand your frustration, because I feel the same way when I scroll through pictures on Instagram and see how other bloggers look so good while eating a ton of food and traveling. Packing is a huge pain for me, because I always end up packing something that I don't wear or a combination that doesn't quite work for me after a second look. So I will give you a few small tips for what you definitely need to pack in your luggage.

1. Sneakers. I am a big fan of sneakers ever since I moved to United States. Wearing heels is just impossible there, unless you have a car and can just switch your comfy shoes to something more fancy. I don't drive, which means I have to walk a lot. Big thanks to fashionistas who showed us that you can look awesome even in sneakers. One of my favorite brand is Adidas. Their sneakers are not just super comfy, but affordable, and look great with absolutely anything!

2. Denim. I mentioned in my previous blog posts that I wasn't a fan of denim until I moved to the USA. In America, you just see denim everywhere and on everyone. I fell in love with mom jeans and denim skirts. Definitely take them with you, because you can style many outfits with just one pair of jeans by switching out different tops.

3. Sunglasses. I never leave the house without my favorite accessory! It completes any look and you don't need to wear make-up while traveling, especially in hot places.

4.  Backpack. Want to ask me how many backpacks I own?! I can count at least nine for sure. A backpack is perfect for carry stuff around, it fits a ton of stuff like extra socks, bottles of water, professional cameras and extended batteries. But very often, my husband carries it for me, because of the heavy weight. Hehe. I guess, you can add HUSBAND to your list too ;)

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